Tower of Fantasy: Navia Bay password

Tower of Fantasy features several Electronic Lock puzzles for you to solve, one of which is in Navia Bay, but it requires a code to be opened.

Gamers can immerse themselves in a futuristic world in this role-playing video game, Tower of Fantasy.

Unfortunately, the realm, called Aida, has been contaminated by a mysterious and extremely potent nuclear energy called Osmium after a tragedy that nearly wiped out the human race and mutated the planet’s ecology.

As the player, you can assume the role of a Wanderer, who sets out to explore the regions of Aesperia while completing quests and defeating monsters.

The vast open world is full of rewarding but challenging riddles to solve, but you will earn rewards if you solve the puzzle successfully. One of the puzzles you have to solve is in Navia Bay, which requires a password to be opened.

Electronic Locks and Deconstruction Devices

The game currently has more than 10 Electronic Locks and Deconstruction Devices that players can solve while adventuring in the open world. Though these 2 puzzles have different appearances, they both require passwords to be unlocked.

The passcodes are typically hidden as separated segments in the game in a nearby area. This requires that you piece together the code to discover the solution. Entering the correct password into the lock guarantees numerous rewards.

Deconstruction Devices generally reward you with a Gold Nucleus, which you can use to pull on weapon banners. Supply Pods offer varying upgrade materials and experience points.

Keep in mind that these passwords are different from Tower of Fantasy codes, which enables players to unlock free items.

Tower of Fantasy: Navia Bay password

Directly south of Navia Bay, players will find a truck with a locked door. Seeing as it is an Electronic Lock Supply Pod, you have to navigate the area to find clues to assemble the code and open the locked door.

Tower of Fantasy: Navia Bay password
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Players can reach the Supply Pod by going north from Banges Dock as it is close to the North Seventh Day Forest Spacerift. Alternatively, players can head to the coordinates:-537.1, -449.9.

When you arrive at the location, you have to find clues to solve the code and open the door. It is worth noting that only 1 Password Memory robot gives players a clue to unlock the door. You can find the robot on top of the Supply Pod.

Instead of providing numbers in a sequence, the robot offers a number riddle. The riddle reveals that the third digit of the code is 0, and the rest of the numbers are unknown, however, they are the same number.

Players can attempt to open the lock by entering the same number twice, before selecting 0 and then the same initial number. Fortunately, you do not have to repeat the pattern for all 9 numbers, as the password to open the door is 2202.

Because it is a Type 1 Supply Pod, you will get the following rewards:

Reward Quantity
Black Nucleus 1
Dark Crystal 20
Experience points 3217
Gold 223

What can you do with the rewards?

Although the rewards may seem insignificant, they can influence your gameplay significantly. The Black Nuclei can be used in the game’s gacha feature known as Special Orders. You can only pull on the Weapons Galore Banner with the Black Nucleus.

You have a 0.3 percent chance to acquire an SSR weapon every pull, but you have a 3 percent chance of obtaining a SR weapon. Furthermore, Dark Crystals can be used to purchase items from the in-game shop, as it is a premium currency.

Can you open the Electronic Lock more than once?

It is alleged that players can only open the Electronic Lock and Deconstruction Devices once, which means that you can only claim the rewards the first time you open the lock. Fortunately, there are locks you can open in varying areas of the map:

Name Coordinates
HT201 Shelter 85.0, 967.2
Raincaller Island -638.5, -847.2
Miner’s Camp 377, 247
Raincaller Island -758, -569
Seaforth Dock 515, 773
Crescent Shore 778, 642
The Lumina 728, 847
Aarniel Fortress 382, -832
Aida Base Dawn Frontier 666, -1224
Tower of Fantasy: Navia Bay password
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It is vital to remember that each of these Electronic Locks and Deconstruction Devices require a password to open.

How to find the password

If you choose to solve the code on your own, it is recommended that you search the area for clues. Every Electronic Lock is accompanied by Password Memory robots in the immediate surroundings.

These robots provide clues to decipher the password designated to a specific Electronic Lock. Some puzzles can be more difficult than others, and as a result, they may take longer to solve.

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