Tower of Fantasy: Lava Pit

In Tower of Fantasy you can solve numerous puzzles, one of which is the Lava Pit, and solving it can reward you with Black or Gold Nucleus.

Gamers can immerse themselves in a modern, persistent world set in the far future in this newly-released video game, Tower of Fantasy.

Regrettably, the planet Aida has been contaminated by a strange, yet potent radioactive energy known as Osmium after a cataclysm that nearly wiped out the human race and mutated the ecology of the planet.

You can assume the role of a wanderer, who completes quests and fights mutant creatures while progressing in the story. As you explore the open world of Aesperia, you will discover resources, monsters, and natural phenomena, including Lava Pits.

Much like you would expect, Lava Pits look like small volcanoes with characteristically bright lava inside a rocky formation.

In-game puzzles

Players can earn exploration points as well as Black and Gold Nuclei by solving puzzles in the game. There are currently 21 puzzles for you to solve as you advance in the story. Each puzzle has a specific solution, which can be tricky to figure out.

Puzzles and World Exploration activities can be found by going to the diamond icons on the map. That being said, the icons only appear when you are near them. It is alleged that you can trigger possible hints on how to solve these puzzles by moving closer to them.

Tower of Fantasy: Lava Pit
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Tower of Fantasy: Lava Pit

Lava Pits can generally be found in the Banges area, on rocky surfaces, on the side of a cliff, or on the ground. Players can identify a Lava Pit, as it looks like a small geyser that is either filled with lava or it is empty. Lava Pits are marked with diamond icons, just like other points of interest on the mini map.

If you find a Lava Pit, you can attack it with any Frost weapon, such as Meryl, Hilda, Tsubasa, or Ene. Attacking the pit with a frost weapon will freeze the lava and reveal the reward inside. Players will either get a Black or a Gold Nucleus.

Some Lava Pits can be difficult to reach, as they occasionally spawn on the side of a cliff. It is advisable that you use Hilda’s projectile attack before attempting to climb up higher than the pit so that you can descend slowly.

Alternatively, you can use the jetpack to make the descent slower, which will make acquiring the nucleus more manageable. When you discover a Lava Pit for the first time, and it is empty, you simply have to wait for it to be filled up again.

Points of interest in the latter regions are generally time-gated and require that you wait a few hours to a few days before you can interact with it. You can simply leave a pin on the map so that you can easily find the location the next time you are in the area.

Tower of Fantasy: Lava Pit
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Lava Pit rewards

There is no guarantee that you will get a reward for defeating a Lava Pit. However, if you do receive a reward, it will be a Black Nucleus or a Gold Nucleus, however, you can also get skins and resources with which to improve your weapons.

Since Tower of Fantasy is a gacha video game, players have to acquire a specific summoning currency to summon new characters or weapons. Black Nuclei are used for pulling on the Prosperity of Ida banner, which mostly rewards you with items and resources.

Gold Nuclei are used for pulling on the regular Weapons Galore banner with the pity systems. This currency is a lot rarer than its Black counterparts.

Can you claim rewards twice?

It is crucial to note that if you claim a reward from a Lava Pit, you cannot claim another reward from the same pit in the future. This is because the Lava Pits have a time-gate mechanic, which can also be found in other aspects of the game, including Chow Chow, Supply Pods, and Kerosenia.

The time-gate mechanic on the Lava Pits is based on the number of days your character has been logged in. Apparently, this mechanic prevents players from farming the Lava Pits and earning large quantities of Nuclei.

How to get a Frost weapon

As previously stated, players need a Frost weapon to freeze the lava in a Lava Pit to earn rewards. The main way to get weapons in the game is through the gacha system. There are several banners that offer a variety of SR and SSR Simulacra after a certain number of pulls.

The weapon you receive is randomly-generated, which means that you cannot select the weapon you want. Alternatively, you can defeat world bosses, as they have a chance of dropping SR and SSR weapons.

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