Tower of Fantasy: King

There are several Simularcas you can acquire in Tower of Fantasy, one of which is King, and he is considered the best character in the game.

Gamers can immerse themselves in the futuristic world of Aida in this action, role-playing video game, Tower of Fantasy. Regrettably, Aida has been contaminated by a mysterious nuclear energy, which nearly wiped out the human race and mutated the planet’s ecology.

As the Wanderer, it is your responsibility to defeat mutated creatures and explore regions while completing quests. To help you in your adventures, you can summon and collect various Simularcas, which are the game’s heroes or characters.

One of the characters you can collect in the game is King, who is at the top of the Tower of Fantasy tier list.

How to acquire Simularcas

Tower of Fantasy is based on a gacha system known as Special Orders, which is nothing but a banner mechanism. Players can unlock the system once they complete the early game mission, Ecological Station Intruders.

Afterwards, you can perform your first roll, from which you can get your first Supreme Rare (SR) tier character and weapon.

You can then use the gacha system whenever you want to, but you need specific summoning currencies before you can pull at 1 of the 3 banners, since the summoning rate for each banner differs.

Tower of Fantasy: King

One of the characters you can summon in Tower of Fantasy is King, a confident and courageous individual whose vivid hair and tough attire signifies his powerful personality.

Similarly to other Simularcas, King uses a unique weapon, Scythe of the Crow, to cleave enemies with its wide-sweeping arcs, cutting down anyone who gets in his way.

Tower of Fantasy: King
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The weapon has extraordinarily powerful base statistics, which can be improved by increasing its level or equipping it with any matrices:

Statistic Quantity
Combat Strength (CS) 272
Shatter 12.5 seconds
Charge 5 seconds
Attack 16
Resistance 6
Health Points 1165

The Scythe of the Crow is a flame weapon, which means that when it is fully charged, the next attack sets the target on fire for approximately 8 seconds. This causes ongoing damage equal to a set percentage of attack every second. Ignited targets suffer reduced efficacy from healing.

King can perform different attacks and cast multiple skills with his Scythe of the Crow. His attacks include, but are not limited to:

Normal attacks Dodge attacks
  • Normal attack
  • Rising scythe
  • Asunder
  • Returning chainblade
  • Sneak Attack
  • Returning chainblade
  • Domain of the bat


Tower of Fantasy: King
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King can also cast 2 skills, namely, Mortal Coil and Flaming Scythe. Mortal Coil swings the scythe, which deals damage equal to 499.9 percent of the attack, whereas Flaming Scythe only activates when weapon charge is full, or when Phantasia is triggered.

Players can then switch to the weapon to cleanse their character from debuffs and to create a flaming scythe, which deals damage equal to 398.3 percent of the attack and lasts for approximately 10 seconds.

You also spawn a flaming scythes domain every 2 seconds. The scythes summon volcanic eruptions from the ground, which deals damage equal to 66 percent of the attack to targets.

In which banner can you obtain King?

King is currently one of the few available characters on all banners. This means that you have a chance to pull him on the standard Weapons Galore banner using either Gold or Black Nuclei.

However, you also have a chance of getting him from the limited banner if you did not pull the featured weapon.

Since King and his Scythe of the Crow is Supreme Super Rare (SSR), players have a 0.75 percent chance of summoning him. Bear in mind that you are guaranteed a SSR on your eightieth pull on the banner, which means that you may be in luck and pull King.

King’s build

Although King can perform well in any combat situation, he is best known for his ability to destroy enemy shields. As previously stated, he has a base shatter value of 12.5 seconds, which makes him the best shield breaker in the game.

Therefore, it would come as no surprise that this makes King a crucial aspect in all Tower of Fantasy game modes. That being said, King is much more than just a shield breaker, as he can deal huge quantities of damage in a short time span.

King is thus an excellent damage dealer with amazing shield-breaking abilities, and he can be used in any team.

King’s gifts

If you are interested in building a friendship with King, you have to offer him specific gifts. He appreciates Rare, Saved, and Limited Items, including:

Item Friendship points earned
Crown Token 80 points
Meteorite Bottle 30 points
Retro Harmonica 15 points
Warren Fossil 80 points
Postcard of Aida 15 points

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