Tower of Fantasy: Judas

One of the elite monsters you can defeat in Tower of Fantasy is Judas, who you can find in the Rat’s Den: Mitchell.

Tower of Fantasy is a popular video game in which players can take control of a customisable character to explore the futuristic world of Aida.

Unfortunately, this world has been contaminated by a mysterious nuclear energy known as Osmium, after a cataclysm that nearly wiped out the human race and mutated the ecology of the planet.

Players assume the role of the Wanderer, who explores the fictional world while defeating mutant monsters and completing quests. There are currently 5 regions you can discover, namely Astra, Banges, Navia, Crown, and Warren.

Each area features unique monsters and creatures that you should defeat. One of the monsters you can find in Banges is Judas, who is situated in Rat’s Den: Mitchell.

How to unlock the map

Before you travel to Banges to defeat Judas, you have to unlock the map. In every region in Tower of Fantasy, there is an Omnium tower located somewhere in the open world.

To access an unblurred map for that region, you need to find your way to these towers and climb to the top to reveal the full geography of that area.

Players can open their maps and scroll over to the location that they want to reveal to locate the Omnium Tower. You can find the tower by looking for the tower symbol, which looks like a crescent moon with a small circle inside and a pillar below it.

Tower of Fantasy: Judas

Once you have revealed the entire map of Banges, you can start searching for Judas, whose location is well hidden. As previously mentioned, Judas can be found in the Rat’s Den: Mitchell. Mitchell is the oldest of vermin brothers who hired Judas to build his kingdom.

Tower of Fantasy: Judas
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To fight Judas, you have to go to the Rosen area of the map, which you can find in the Western part of Banges. To be more specific, you can position your character south west of the Loen Docks, on the shoreline.

Once you are there, you can head inland towards a few buildings, and you will find Judas next to one of the buildings. There is a possibility that Judas may be laying down when you find him, but he will quickly stand up if you go near him.

Although Judas is quite big, you may be able to defeat him within a matter of seconds, depending entirely on your character’s strength and abilities.

Whether you defeated Judas for the daily bounty task, or just because you discovered him, you will earn rewards. That being said, the elimination mission is generally of A tier and rewards players with 1 Gold Nucleus, a Type 2 Chip, experience points, and other useful rewards.

If you are not following the quest and you have defeated Judas, you will receive an achievement. This is because Judas is an elite monster that offers achievement points with a reward of 5 dark crystals from Terminal.

Can you defeat Judas more than once?

It is important to note that players can defeat Judas as many times as they want to, but they may have to wait a few minutes for him to respawn. That being said, your loot for killing Judas the second or third time will not be as rewarding as it is the first time.

Moreover, you can only claim the Terminal rewards for defeating Judas once. This means that once you have completed the achievement, you cannot complete it a second time to earn the rewards.

Are there other monsters in the Rat’s Den?

In addition to Judas, players can defeat Sharp-Eyed Chu and Alpha Mouse Mitch in the Rat’s Den. Once you have eliminated these monsters, you will get 7 achievement points and 10 dark crystals from the Terminal.

Furthermore, you earn rewards for defeating all the monsters in the camp. Players generally receive 2 Type 1 Supply Chests and 1 Type 2 Supply Chests. Terminal Rewards can be claimed by opening the Battle tab, and selecting the “Monster” category.

Tower of Fantasy: Judas
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Daily Bounties

To unlock the Daily Bounties, players have to complete the first chapter of the main storyline. Upon completing the quests and advancing to chapter 2, you will unlock the Adventure Menu, which contains weekly missions, Ruins, and Daily Bounties.

You will be assigned one Bounty to complete daily. The missions generally consist of 3 or 4 smaller objectives, such as clearing camps or defeating monsters in a specific location. One of the Daily Bounties you can receive is to defeat Judas.

The best thing about completing the Daily Bonus is that players receive a Yellow Nucleus, which they can use for Special Orders.

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