Tower of Fantasy: Fruit Cake

In Tower of Fantasy, players can cook various meals, one of which is a Fruit Cake, and it requires specific ingredients.

Tower of Fantasy is a newly-released action role-playing game that invites players to take control of a customisable character to interact with the environment and other players.

The game is set in the far future on the fictional planet, Aida, which has been contaminated with a mysterious radioactive energy.

As the player, you can explore the fictional world and fight mutant creatures and hostile forces while advancing in the story.

In the game, players can enjoy a variety of activities and features, one of which is cooking. Similarly to real life, you can cook numerous meals and recipes, including Fruit Cake.

Why is cooking important?

Although cooking, and eating meals may seem like simple features, they are necessary to recover your character’s health points and satiety. Some meals, when consumed, provide your character with additional buffs, which can influence their abilities and statistics.

This means that when your character suffers damage on the battlefield, they can consume a meal to restore their health points. Furthermore, many quests in Tower of Fantasy require specific meals to be successfully completed.

There are more than 20 recipes in the game, each of which requires an array ingredients. Moreover, each recipe has a unique effect on your character. You should gain some knowledge about the recipes and their effects, as it can influence your gameplay.

Tower of Fantasy: Fruit Cake

Tower of Fantasy contains different types of quests, including the main story arc and optional side quests. Although you can skip the side quests, you have to complete the main story questline to progress in the game.

One of the side quests is Nico’s Birthday, and to complete it, you have to cook a Fruit Cake. The quest’s description reveals that Nico is extremely sad as it is her birthday, and her parents are not home.

She says her mom always makes her a Fruit Cake for her birthday, but since she is not home, you have to make it.

Although the quest is optional, you are advised to complete it, as you will be rewarded with strawberries and experience points. Players can also wish Nico a happy birthday by offering her a Fruit Pie, which will result in additional rewards.

To make a Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy, you have to get the necessary ingredients, which are 2 strawberries, 1 Homi Grain, 1 Fallen Fruit, and 1 Poultry Egg. Once you have them, insert everything into a Cooking Pot to make a Fruit Cake.

After making it, you can take the Fruit Cake to Nico to complete the quest and earn rewards. Bear in mind that the cake can also be consumed.

When you consume the Fruit Cake, you will restore 10 Satiety and immediately restore 15 percent plus 20 000 health points to the Wanderer.

Tower of Fantasy: Fruit Cake
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Where to find ingredients for the Fruit Cake

Players can acquire resources, materials, and ingredients as they advance in the game and explore the regions. It is noteworthy that some ingredients can only be found in certain areas of the game.

Strawberries can be found in Navia’s northwest area, or around shrubs in the Crown Region. Homi Grain can be obtained in the Astra and Banges region of Aesperia, in the grassland terrain.

While exploring the area, you will find the wheatplant in abundance, and they are easy to find as they are taller than the grass. Fallen Fruit can be found under trees in Anchorville and Poultry Eggs can be acquired from the nest of birds.

How to cook

Once you have all the ingredients, you can visit any cooking robot marked by a pot icon in the Map and interact with it. There are 2 methods you can use to cook a dish; if you already own the recipe, you can choose the dish you want to make under the “Cooking” tab.

However, if you have yet to unlock the recipe, open the “Creation” tab and put together the ingredients to attempt the dish. Players can increase their success rate by using a higher ingredient quantity.

Once you have unlocked the recipe, it will appear in the Cooking tab, and you will have a 100 percent success rate when you make it.

Additional recipes

Tower of Fantasy currently has 98 recipes players can cook, but each recipe requires specific ingredients. Some of the recipes, and their ingredients, are as follows:

Recipe Ingredients
Nut tea ·   1 Hazelnut

·   1 Pinecone

·   2 Honey

Snail baked rice ·   1 Carrion Snail

·   2 Rice

Boiled scallops ·   2 Scallop

·   3 Lettuce

Crispy chicken burger ·   1 Homi Grain

·   1 Poultry Meat

·   1 Lettuce

Fried mushrooms ·   2 Mushrooms

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