Tower of Fantasy: Frigg

Frigg is a powerful damage-dealing Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, but she is currently only available in the Chinese version of the game.

In this thrilling role-playing video game, Tower of Fantasy, players can control a customisable character to interact with like-minded people and the environment. The modern game is set in the persistent realm of Aida, which has been contaminated by a strange, potent nuclear energy.

As the player, you assume the role of a wanderer and you can explore 5 regions, each of which has various mutant creatures that you must defeat and quests to complete.

To aid you in your adventures, you can acquire and play with Simulacra, who are essentially the characters in the game. One of the characters you can collect is Frigg, but you may also have to fight her in a battle.

How to acquire a Simulacra

Similarly to other massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles, Tower of Fantasy has a gacha system, which is known as Special Orders. You can unlock the system after finishing the early game Ecological Station Intruders mission.

Afterwards, you can perform your first roll, which should result in your first Supreme Rare (SR) tier character. Players can then use the gacha system whenever they want to to acquire additional characters. Keep in mind that each banner in the gacha requires a specific summoning currency:

Banner Required currency
Weapons Galore Gold Nucleus
The Prosperity of Ida Black Nucleus
Rebirth of Clemency Red Nucleus

Tower of Fantasy: Frigg

While progressing in the main storyline of the game, you will discover non-player characters (NPCS). An NPC may seem like an insignificant feature, but some can have a great influence on your gameplay.

Tower of Fantasy: Frigg
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One of the NPCs that you will interact with is Frigg and she is a central character in Tower of Fantasy’s storyline. Frigg is the right hand of the Sage and an Angel of Clemency.

She follows her master unconditionally and she has a straightforward personality. Frigg has a unique philosophy and outlook on life.

She is one of the few enemies who can beat you multiple times throughout the story. Frigg also ambushes the Wanderer at Claire’s place, with a striking animation. Although she is an NPC, players can collect her as a playable character.

Similarly to other Simulacra, Frigg uses a unique blade known as the Balmung. This weapon’s resonance is damage-per-second and it is an Ice element. Balmung’s shatter and charge is rated an 8.

The Balmung has a few special effects, which are:

Effect name Description
Frozen Domain After using the weapon skill, Fimbulwinter, a large ice field will be placed at your position and will be active for 25 seconds. Inside the ice field, dodges are not consumed while using Frigg’s weapon and gain the effect Frozen Domain 1 when using ice weapons. This effect increases ice attack by 15 percent and Shatter by 25 percent
Ice Shell Fully charged weapons freeze the target for approximately 2 seconds and leave it frostbitten for 6 seconds. Breaking the shell causes additional damage equal to 151 percent of attack. While frostbitten, the target’s weapon charge rate is reduced by 50 percent

The Balmung’s abilities

In addition to having unique effects, the Balmung also has powerful abilities, which are listed below:

Ability Effect
Normal Frigg initiates 5 attacks in a row with the Balmung when she is on the ground. She also performs Aerial Discharge, Soaring Slash, and Helix Slash
Dodge Players should dodge right before hitting to trigger a Phantasia, which reduces the speed of enemies within an area. Frigg unleashes multiple slashes at a set distance to deal damage
Skill Fimbulwinter slashes the space around the Wanderer to deal damage. The skill can suspend and launch targets while grating damage immunity. After casting the skill, a large frost domain is formed around the character
Discharge Frigid Fracture activates when weapon charge is full, or when Phantasia is triggered. It clears all debuffs from the user and dashes forward when switched to the weapon

Frigg’s awakening

Once you have collected Frigg through the gacha system, you can awaken her. Each awakened effect requires a specific number of points:

Points Effect
1200 It increases frost attack by 1.5 percent every 3 seconds upon entering battle. This effect can stack up to 10 times and lasts 5 seconds
4000 Frigg’s frost attack is increased by 2.4 percent every 3 seconds upon entering battle. It can stack up to 10 times and last 5 seconds. Additionally, she gains hyperbody and becomes immune to control effects in the Frost Domain

Is Frigg available on the global server?

Frigg is currently only available in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy. All previously mentioned information is subject to change when Frigg is released in the Global version of the game.

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