Tower of Fantasy: Best SR Relic

Even though the SR Relics in Tower of Fantasy are easy to get, some are considered better than others as they provide your character with better benefits.

Tower of Fantasy is an exhilarating video game in which you can take control of a character to explore the modern world of Aida.

Regrettably, the world has been contaminated by an unknown radioactive energy, which nearly wiped out mankind and mutated the ecology of the planet.

As the player, you can assume the role of the Wanderer to complete quests, defeat monsters, and explore the regions of Aesperia.

Each character in the game can be equipped with Relics, which are ranked by their rarity. This means that some Relics are better than others, as they can provide your character with better buffs.


Relics are useful gadgets and tools that can be used for combat and exploration. The first Relic that players receive in Tower of Fantasy is the Jetpack, which makes traveling to and from high distances easier and quicker.

Players will find that Relics only serve 1 purpose, which is to help with exploring or to make battles easier.

There are 2 categories of Relics, namely SR and SSR. SR relics may be common and easy to find, but they are not powerful. While SSR are rarer, they provide your character with better buffs and abilities.

Tower of Fantasy: Best SR Relic
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Tower of Fantasy: Best SR Relic

There are various SR Relics you can use in Tower of Fantasy, however, some are considered better than others. The best SR Relics you can equip your character with are:

Name Type Cooldown Description
Magnetic Storm Attack 100 seconds Once activated, the Relic unleashes an electric tornado that travels around the battlefield. Every time it hits an enemy, the tornado deals 186.3 percent attack damage every second
Missile Barrage Attack 60 seconds When deployed, a missile launcher appears behind the player for 8 seconds, after which multiple missiles appear and strike nearby enemies. If a missile hits an enemy, it deals damage equal to 34.8 percent of their attack
Strange Cube Attack 30 seconds The Strange Cube can alter its surrounding gravity. Enemies caught inside this altered realm will receive 100 percent of a player’s attack as additional damage. After a short duration, enemies stuck in midair receive 120 percent of the player’s attack damage
Cybernetic Arm Miscellaneous 30 seconds Players can fire a Cybernetic Arm to pull a target towards them. This Relic deals 100 percent damage on hit, while suspending the target and regenerating weapon charge by 300. The arm can access hard-to-reach areas
Hovering Cannon Attack 30 seconds It summons 2 cannons that fire lasers at enemies. Players can deploy this Relic alongside Missile Barrage to help them defeat bosses

How to acquire the best SR Relics

It is worth noting that each Relic can be acquired in specific ways:

Relic name How to procure
Magnetic Storm It can only be acquired by completing exploration tasks. Players can acquire it by finishing Astra’s Exploration. It may be unlocked with 700 Astra Exploration Points
Missile Barrage Players can procure the Missile Barrage once they enter Ruin A-01 in Chapter 1 for the first time
Strange Cube You can obtain the Relic by opening treasure chests in the starting area of Ruin A-02
Cybernetic Arm Unlike the other Relics, the Cybernetic Arm can be acquired in 3 ways:

·  You can obtain it if you have 20 Cybernetic Arm Shards in your inventory

·  If you have an SR Relic Box in your backpack, you can get the Relic instantly

·  Players can purchase the Rookie Supplies in the Purchase Reward Menu

Hovering Cannon Players can acquire this Relic by having an SR Relic Box in their inventory, or by having at least 20 Hover Cannon Shards in their inventory
Tower of Fantasy: Best SR Relic
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Can Relics be advanced?

Once you have a Relic that you enjoy, it is recommended that you upgrade or advance it to unlock its full benefits. Every Relic in Tower of Fantasy can be upgraded 5 times, and every time you advance it, its statistics improve in some way.

Players can upgrade a relic by opening the Relic menu, which lists all the Relics you have. To advance a Relic, select one from the menu and click on the advancement option.

Every Relic requires its own shards to be upgraded. You can obtain shards by completing Ruins, or by completing side quests.

How many Relics can you equip?

All players in Tower of Fantasy can only equip 2 Relics at a time. Since Relics can only serve 1 of 2 purposes, it is advisable that you equip a Relic for each purpose. This means that 1 Relic should help you during battles, and the other should make exploration more enjoyable.

You can switch Relic combinations whenever you want, but keep in mind that Relics cannot be altered during combat.

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