Tower of Fantasy: Artificial Island

The Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy allows players to build different infrastructures while defeating unique monsters, however, it is yet to be released.

Tower of Fantasy is a thrilling video game in which you can control a fully customisable character with which to explore the modern world of Aida.

Regrettably, Aida has been contaminated by a mysterious atomic energy known as Osmium. The cataclysm nearly wiped out mankind and mutated the ecology of the planet.

As the player, you can assume the role of the Wanderer, who explores the fantasy world while completing quests and defeating monsters.

There are various activities you can enjoy in the game, and its developer, Hotta Studio, occasionally introduces new features and content. Tower of Fantasy recently announced the Artificial Island, which will allegedly be added before update 2.0.

What is an update?

All video games sometimes get updates or patches, and Tower of Fantasy is no exception. Patches and updates enable game developers to repair issues and problems which come to light after the game has been launched to the public.

Patches are generally short-term fixes for urgent issues, whereas updates are planned changes for less pressing issues. Moreover, through updates and patches, developers can introduce new content and features into the game for players to enjoy.

Keep in mind that you first have to download the patch or update when it has been released before you can launch the game.

Tower of Fantasy: Artificial Island

Tower of Fantasy recently announced that the Artificial Island will be added to the global server in the near future. That being said, if you are playing the game on the Chinese server, you should already have access to the exciting new feature.

Tower of Fantasy: Artificial Island
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Although little is known about the Artificial Island in the global server, it is alleged that it will be similar to the Artificial Island in the Chinese server.

To unlock the Artificial Island in the Chinese version, players have to complete the main storyline until the beginning of chapter 2.

Then, you have to follow the mission to have content related to repairing the island, it takes approximately 24 hours to complete the repair. Players in the global server may have to follow the same route to unlock their Artificial Island once it has been added to the game.

Once you have unlocked the island, you allegedly have to find 10 developer logs to unlock the home world. You can use the Artificial Island to construct buildings that have the ability to generate items, including matrices, devices, and other materials.

Keep in mind that the growth rate and efficiency of the island depends on the facility and the level of your character. In the home island on the Chinese Server, you can farm different monsters to acquire unique drops.

Players can expect similar content on the global server once the Artificial Island has been added. You can upgrade the buildings on the island to increase the quantity of resources and materials that it produces.

Once you have enough resources, you can go to the refinery to purchase an array of items. These features are subject to change, as the Artificial Island is yet to be released on the global server.

When is the Artificial Island going to be released?

Currently, Hotta Studio has yet to announce an official release date for the Artificial Island. However, it is alleged that it will be released before the official release of update 2.0.

This will give players enough time to immerse themselves in the new region while not being overwhelmed by the massive update.

Many players thought that the Island would be introduced on Thursday, 1 September 2022, however this was not the case. It is advisable that you check the official Tower of Fantasy sources regularly to see if the release date has been announced.

Does the Artificial Island have scenic points?

Although global server players do not have access to the Artificial Island yet, they can expect to see the following Scenic Points:

  • Lakesource Falls
  • Unnamed Airship Plaza
  • Simple Pier
  • Eyrie
  • Tetriso Ruins
  • The Venture
  • Gazing Cliffs
  • Deserted Water Treatment Plant

Update 2.0

Tower of Fantasy has officially announced the game’s first major. The new update is expected to introduce new characters, new mounts, new regions, and amazing events. However, this update will allegedly also repair some bugs that players have been experiencing.

It is noteworthy that the release date has not been specified. However, there are rumours that the global server may have an accelerated schedule. This means that in comparison to the Chinese server, the global version will get the updates much faster.

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