Tower of Fantasy: 100 Astra

In Tower of Fantasy, players have to unlock several Spacerifts, collect multiple Supply Pods, and complete Ruins to explore Astra 100 percent.

In this action role-playing video game, Tower of Fantasy, you can control a customisable character to interact with the environment and other players. The futuristic game is set on the fictional planet of Aida, which has been contaminated by a peculiar, potent radioactive energy.

As the wanderer, you can explore multiple locations and defeat mutant creatures while completing quests and progressing in the story. The game currently has 5 areas for you to explore, namely Astra, Banges, Navia, Crown, and Warren.

In each area you can procure scenic points, and once you have all the points in the area, you will have explored the location fully. This means that you have to explore Astra 100 percent to finish the area.

How to unlock the map

The open world of Aesperia is not only enormous, but it is also filled with secrets, activities, and landmarks that you can discover and explore. All players begin their adventure in Astra, which is notably smaller than the rest on the map.

Tower of Fantasy: 100 Astra
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Yet, it has more than enough features for Wanders to invest many hours to complete everything there is to do. To unlock the entire world map of Tower of Fantasy, you have to find and activate the Omnium Towers in every region.

These towers are characterised by a circular portal-like divide built into their spires. Once activated, the map surrounding the tower becomes visually apparent.

Tower of Fantasy: 100 Astra

Even though Astra is considered the starting area of Tower of Fantasy, it is rich in content and activities for you to enjoy as an early-game player. After you have revealed the full map of Astra, you may notice that there are diamond shaped icons on the map.

These icons are called Exploration Points, and you need to interact with them to reach 100 percent completion of Astra. Furthermore, you have to find 48 Supply Pods in the Astra Region.

Supply Pods are scattered around the in-game world at random locations and can offer you numerous rewards.

Tower of Fantasy: 100 Astra
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In addition to interacting with Exploration Points and opening Supply Pods, players can unlock Spacerifts which essentially allow you to fast travel to areas within a specific zone. In Astra, there are 6 Spacerifts for players to unlock and use.

While exploring Astra, you will discover Ruins, which are dungeon-like areas that look like triangular spacecrafts. Upon reaching one, players can choose between 3 game modes: easy, normal, and hard.

Ruins contain a combination of battles, exploration mechanics, and puzzles. There are 3 Ruins in Astra and completing them will count towards your 100 percent exploration.

Finally, you have to discover all the scenic points in Astra, which are characterised by a hologram eye. Bear in mind that the icon only appears whenever you are near a scenic point.

The main reason players look for all the scenic locations in Tower of Fantasy is to get 100 percent completion, and the Black Nucleus reward that comes with it.

Exploration points

Players should note that there is something they need to do at each Exploration point to complete it:

Exploration point Action needed
Chow Chow Players have to lift up a Water Elemental Core and throw it into the Chow Chow. The flower will eat it and spit out your reward
Dandelions You can hit the Dandelion to release 3 seeds, but only 1 will fall to the ground. To release the others, you need to shoot the Dandelion with a bow
Tar Pits Players can hit the Tar Pit with a fire weapon to melt the tar, which will offer you a reward
Kerosenia All you have to do to earn the reward is set the oil on fire. Once the fire has died, you have to wait a few seconds to claim the reward
Glowshrooms You have to bounce on the Glowshrooms in a specific order to collect the reward

Scenic points

Players can currently find 5 different scenic points while exploring Astra, and they can be found using the following coordinates:

Location Coordinates
Astra Shelter -097.5, 789.8
Northern Ring Ranges -873.7, 791.5
Mega Arena -392.8, 723.5
Ring of Echos -664.2, 900.7
Tomb of Thorns -617.6, 1094.6


Players will earn numerous rewards once they have collected a specific quantity of Exploration points:

Exploration points obtained Rewards
90 1 Black Nucleus
265 Dark Crystals
440 2 Potent Omnium Crystals
700 Magnetic Storm Relic
965 Mighty Mushroom
1225 5 Gold NucleI
1490 Conqueror costume
1750 Astra Cartographer title

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