MCoC: Timestream Trouble

MCoC Summoners can now enjoy the Timestream Trouble Side Quest, however, it was designed as an April Fool’s prank.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) recently announced that Summoners can complete an April Fool’s Day side quest called Timestream Trouble.

To earn rich rewards, you simply progress through the map, but you should keep in mind that there is a 5 percent chance that every teleporter can move you up to the next tier.

That being said, there is also a chance that the teleporter will teleport you to another island within the same tier.

If you teleport to all islands in a tier, you will have to complete 5 fights, but you may encounter a loop on empty islands until you finally get the chance to jump to the next tier.

Summoners may be extremely lucky and only have to complete 1 fight before they are teleported to the next tier. Each tier has an effect on the speed of your fight.

Since there is a big chance that you will be teleported to empty islands in the same tier, you are looking at a maximum of 16 fights, but if you are teleported to the next tier, you only have to complete 4 fights.

Although this side quest is considered an April Fool’s Day prank, Summoners have until Monday, 8 April 2024 to try their luck.

How to start Timestream Trouble

To begin the side quest, you have to select the “Fight” option on the main screen and then search the categories for the “Timestream Trouble” tab.

After clicking on the tab, you will be able to select the Champions that you want to use to defeat the enemies.

Summoners should remember that the quest is locked to a rarity of 4-star or lower , which essentially means that you are required to use specific Champions.

Once you have chosen your Champions, you can enter the map and start vanquishing the opponents.


Players who successfully complete the entire Timestream Trouble side quest will receive the Hero of Time Epic Title, which can be assigned to your profile.

You will also receive Gold, which is an in-game currency with which you can use to purchase items from the in-game store.

As previously mentioned, you can attempt to complete the side quest until Monday, 8 April 2024. You therefore have enough time to obtain the limited-time Epic Title.

It is unknown whether or not this title will be available to procure in the future, we therefore recommend that you try to complete the quest as soon as possible.

How long does it take to complete the Timestream Trouble side quest?

YouTuber, Super Scemer MCoC recently shared a video on his progress through the Timestream Trouble map.

One MCoC Summoner commented on the video and mentioned that it only took them 30 minutes to complete the entire quest.

However, he may have just been lucky enough to teleport to the next tier, while other players have been stuck on the same tier for 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when you will be teleported to the next tier, which means that one cannot determine how long it will take to complete the side quest.

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