The Sims 4: Tea set disappearing

The My Wedding Stories expansion in The Sims 4 enables you to place tea sets in your home, however, the tea sets often disappear.

In this thrilling video game, The Sims 4, gamers are encouraged to make choices while engaging in a fully interactive environment. Since it is the fourth instalment of the well-renowned series, The Sims, you will likely experience similar gameplay and dynamics.

However, the game focuses on improved character creation and house-building tools. Like its predecessors, the game has no primary objective. Instead, you can control Sims, who are virtual people, and you are responsible for their needs, wants, and desires.

The game has many paid downloadable content packs, one of which is the My Wedding Stories expansion. This expansion allows you to place tea sets in your home, but regrettably, some of them may disappear.

My Wedding Stories

My Wedding Stories is the eleventh game pack released in The Sims 4. The pack introduces various updates and improvements to in-game weddings. If you purchase the pack, you will unlock an array of content and activities.

You can choose the Sim of Honor to make the journey to the altar as enjoyable as possible, join an engagement dinner, rehearsal dinner, and a bachelor party. Players can also choose their wedding attire, go food tasting, tour venues, test cakes, and settle on traditions.

During the wedding ceremony, you can exchange vows, rings, and kisses at the altar before the real celebration starts. Your guests can enjoy some tea before heading to the reception.

The Sims 4: Tea set disappearing

Unfortunately, you may experience some problems while playing The Sims 4. These issues are commonly referred to as bugs or glitches, which are software errors that cause problems within the code.

Although these errors typically go unnoticed, developers attempt to resolve them as quickly as possible. Some players have noticed that after placing the tea set from the My Wedding Stories expansion pack, it disappears when they leave the house.

The bug allegedly also happens when a Sim family takes a vacation in the rental lot in the new world while having an active scheduled maid subscription. While your Sims are on holiday, the maid will get rid of the tea set and it will be nowhere to be found.

That being said, other players reported that their Sim family did not even leave their house, and yet the tea set disappeared. Although it is an annoying bug, The Sims 4 players have created a theory about why the tea set disappears.

Similarly to cooked meals, the tea set allegedly spoils, which can cause an odour near its location. As a result, the butler, or the maid will remove and clean the set to get rid of the odour.

That being said, not all players who use the tea set have a butler or a maid. It can thus be that the disappearing tea set is simply a bug that has to be fixed by the game’s developer.

However, if you have a butler or a maid, it is advisable that you cancel their services to see if the tea set still disappears.

How to report bugs

If you are experiencing a bug while playing The Sims 4, you can open the official Electronic Arts Answers Headquarters website to report it. On the website, you can either create your own bug report, or comment on another player’s report who shares similar experiences.

When enough players have addressed an issue, the game’s developer will allegedly attempt to fix it with the following patch or update.

Which tea sets can you use in The Sims 4?

There are different tea sets you can use in the game, but the My Wedding Stories expansion introduced two additional tea sets which allows you to serve tea without having to use the brewer. The following table lists the tea sets and a description of each:

Tea set Description
Just a Spot of Tea, Tea Set This classic, English-inspired tea set can be considered a little, warm hug in a cup, it might even solve all your problems
Double Happiness Tea Set A traditional Chinese-inspired set that is perfect for showing respect and offering best wishes
Tea Magic Personal Brewer Players can brew all their favourite teas at the touch of the button

Does drinking tea affect your Sims?

You should note that drinking tea will have an effect on your Sims, however, the effect differs based on the tea that you are drinking:

Tea name Effect
Calming Chamomile Raises hunger
Steaming Ginseng It grants 2 flirty points for 4 hours
Bee tea It increases your Sim’s happiness by 1 point for hours
Orange Blossom Tea This tea increases your Sim’s focus by 2 points for 4 hours
Yerba Mate It increases your Sim’s inspiration by 2 points for 4 hours

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