SWGoH: Tie Defender

The TIE Defender in SWGoH is a unique ship that players should use as a reinforcement in the game.

This mobile collectable role-playing game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH), takes place in a cantina in a distant corner of the Star Wars galaxy. It is up to you to defeat enemies, collect resources, and explore star systems.

To perform these tasks, though, you need ships. One of the ships that you can acquire is the TIE Defender.

Ships in SWGoH

Although ships may seem inconsequential to some players, they are a key component in SWGoH. This is because you need a ship to do anything in the game, including farming resources and defeating enemies and other players.

It is advisable that you level up your ship’s stars and levels evenly. This will maximize the number of stars and levels that you get for the least amount of time and in-game credits invested.

However, the ship building materials which are used for increasing a ship’s star level and normal star level are quite rare.

Free-to-play players therefore cannot use them on whatever they feel like if they intend to be competitive in the ship arena.

SWGoH: Tie Defender

SWGoH recently announced that a new ship, called the TIE Defender, will be added to the game. The TIE Defender is a powerful reinforcement Empire Attacker. It is capable of stunning enemies and boosting allies, specifically TIE fighters.

SWGoH: Tie Defender
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The ship’s origin allegedly dates back to its introduction in the TIE Fighter game. SWGoH wanted to capture the nostalgia of youth and bring a piece of history to the Holotables.

This version of the TIE Defender demonstrates the abilities and weaponry displayed in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Moreover, the Executrix needed a ship to fill out the fleet, and the developers believed that the TIE Defender was the perfect fit for what that team was missing.

The developers also revealed that they wanted Iden Versio to be part of the crew, as she was one of the Empire’s top TIE pilots during her time with the Inferno Squad.

One of the ship’s abilities, We Weren’t Expecting Special Forces, is a direct callout of Iden’s role and rank in the Empire.

Although you can use the TIE Defender in most situations, you should make sure that you follow the correct strategy. Players should use the TIE Defender as a reinforcement.

Moreover, you should stun your enemies as soon as possible, as it has a long cooldown period.

Once you have stunned your enemies, you only have to deal damage by casting other skills. If you follow this strategy, you could defeat the enemies quickly and easily.

TIE Defender’s statistics

Similarly to other ships in SWGoH, the TIE Defender has several statistics which can impact your gameplay. TIE Defender’s statistics are as follows:

Statistic Quantity
Power 87 071
Speed 218
Health 114 474

It is important to note that the TIE Defender’s statistics are improved by increasing your pilot’s stars, ship stars, ship level, pilot level, pilot gear, pilot skills, and mods. That being said, you can only apply a mod to a character when he or she has reached level 50.

A character will receive a variety of stat boosts as listed in the mod. However, what is important is whether the mod is a 5-dot mod, or a level 15 mod. If you have 5-dot mods, the ship will gain the maximum benefits to its statistics.

What are the TIE Defender’s Primary Attributes?

In addition to having several statistics, the SWGoH TIE Defender has several Primary Attributes. The following table outlines TIE Defender’s Primary Attributes:

Attribute Base Growth
Strength 808 6.2 percent
Agility 1625 12.5 percent
Intelligence 808 6.2 percent

It is imperative to note that the TIE Defender’s attributes will increase by an amount that is equal to its growth percentage.

TIE Defender’s Abilities

The TIE Defender has unique abilities to help you defeat enemies. Every skill is listed below with a description of each:

Skill Description
Wingtip L-s9.3 Laser Cannons It deals physical damage 3 times. For each critical hit scored, it grants the ship a stack of Resilient Defence. However, if the ship has special forces, this attack deals an additional 50 percent Critical Damage.
P-sz9.7 Twin Ion Engine When the ship evades an attack, it grants 10 percent turn meter to the allied Capital Ship and it grants an additional 10 percent turn meter if the ship has special forces.
TIE/x7 The ship gains 10 percent Evasion, 20 percent Offence, and 30 percent Max Protection. However, when the ship gains Resilient Defence, it recovers 10 percent protection.
We Weren’t Expecting Special Forces Imperial TIE Fighter allies gain Foresight for 1 turn.
CLL-3 Ion Torpedoes It deals physical damage to the target enemy and removes 30 percent turn meter and stuns them for 1 turn. If the ship has Special Forces, the stun cannot be dispelled, evaded, or resisted.

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