SWGoH: Secret Intel

Secret Intel is one of the buffs that you can apply to your characters in SWGoH, but it can only be applied by BB-8.

Players can immerse themselves in the Star Wars Galaxy in this adventurous video game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH).

Unlike the characters in the movies, the characters in the game can apply status effects to enemies. One of the buffs you can apply to your characters is Secret Intel.

Buffs in SWGoH

There are several status effects in SWGoH. Status effects include buffs and debuffs. Buffs are beneficial status effects granted by a unit’s abilities. Buffs can increase a unit’s statistics or grant them additional abilities.

The following table lists some of the buffs that you can encounter:

Buff Description
Backup Plan Characters recover 10 percent health per turn and revive with 80 percent health as well as 30 percent turn meter when they are defeated. This buff cannot be dispelled or prevented.
BlasTech Weapon Mod Characters gain 15 percent Turn Meter at the start of every enemy’s turn. Enemies defeated by this character cannot be revived.
Breach Immunity Enemies cannot apply breach to this unit.
Deep Cover Characters gain an additional 10 percent defense penetration and potency per stack.

SWGoH: Secret Intel

The characters in SWGoH have the ability to apply some buffs and debuffs, though a single character does not get access to all the available buffs and debuffs. Furthermore, some buffs and debuffs can only be applied by 1 character.

One of the buffs you can use in SWGoH is Secret Intel, which increases Potency by 25 percent. However, when another ally uses a Special ability, they gain Secret Intel for 3 turns. The cooldown of Illuminated Destiny is then reduced by 1 for each ally with Secret Intel.

A high potency increases your chance of applying a negative effect to an enemy. In an ideal world, you would want a lot of potency so that your characters can apply negative effects to enemies. However, it is difficult to get a lot of potency.

Therefore, it is crucial that you use characters that can inflict the Secret Intel buff on their allies. With an increased potency, your chances of applying negative effects to enemies are increased.

Unfortunately, this buff can be dispelled. Dispel Buffs is a battle mechanic that removes buffs from a unit. However, abilities and effects that normally Dispel Buffs are applied to enemies, with the exception of self.

Generally, you will remove an enemy’s buffs to ensure that it does do not have an advantage in battle.

Having said that, enemies can also dispel buffs from your characters, which means that there is a chance that enemies will remove the Secret Intel buff from your characters. If the buff is dispelled, you can reactivate it to benefit from it.

Secret Intel characters

The Secret Intel buff is extremely unique as only 1 character in SWGoH has access to it. BB-8 is a persistent resistance Droid that empowers allies by circulating Secret Intel.

This character’s alignment is the Light Side, and he assumes the role of a supporter on the battlefield.

Since he is the only character that can apply Secret Intel, we recommend that you acquire him as soon as possible. The only way to get BB-8 is participating in Pieces and Plans.

SWGoH: Secret Intel
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Pieces and Plans

Pieces and Plans is a Legendary Event that requires 5 First Order characters through 7 Tiers. Every tier has specific requirements and recommended unit levels.

Every time you successfully complete a tier, you will be rewarded with 25 BB-8 Shards. You will also earn Crystals and Credits, and the amount of Credits that you earn depends on the tier you complete.

The recommended unit level per tier is as follows:

Tier Recommended unit level
1 20
2 30
3 40
4 50
5 60
6 70
7 80

It is crucial that your characters have the minimum recommended level, as the levels of the enemies you have to defeat increase with each tier.

Which additional buffs does BB-8 have?

In addition to Secret Intel, BB-8 has access to several buffs that can help your SWGoH characters win the battle. The table below lists some of BB-8’s buffs:

Buff Description
Taunt Enemies will target this unit
Advantage The next attack will be a critical hit if possible
Offense Up This buff increases Offense by 50 percent
Foresight It evades the next attack
Speed Up This buff increases speed by 25 percent

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