SWGoH: Saw Kit Reveal

Saw Gerrera is a new character in SWGoH, and he has an amazing kit, however, it is unclear how players can acquire him.

You can explore the fictional Star Wars galaxy in this mobile collectible game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH). Players have to vanquish enemies, expand their fleet, collect resources and train their crew to progress in the game.

It was recently revealed that players can now acquire Saw Gerrera, who has an amazing kit.

Who is Saw Gerrera?

According to Star Wars lore, Saw Gerrera was a human male Onderonian resistance fighter who fought against the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Onderon during the Clone Wars.

Gerrera was instrumental in the rebel liberation of his homeworld during the Onderonian Civil War.

After the rise of the Galactic Empire at the end of the war, Saw became a crucial member in the fight against the fascist government and the formation of the Alliance to restore the Republic.

His actions during the early rebellion against the Empire resulted in him to be considered an extremist whose notoriety was recognized by the Alliance, the Empire and many years later, the New Republic.

SWGoH: Saw Kit Reveal

Saw Gerrera is a powerful support character who has leadership characteristics. Since his alignment is Light Side, he is considered a Rebel Fighter.

SWGoH: Saw Kit Reveal
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Saw, like other SWGoH characters, has incredible abilities, which are:

Skill type Skill Description
Basic Critical Shot Saw deals physical damage to the target enemy and applies a Defense Down for 2 turns. If his allies are Rebel Fighters, the cooldown of RPS-6 Rocket Launcher Blast is reduced by 1.
Special RPS-6 Rocket Launcher Blast For each buffed ally and enemy, this skill removes 5 percent Turn Meter from all enemies and reduces their Offense by 2 percent until his next turn. He then dispels all buffs on all allies and enemies, but Rebel Fighter allies recover 20 percent health for each stack of Heal over Time. It also deals physical damage to all enemies and applies Blind for 2 turns.
Special 2 Set Explosive Trap This skill can only be used once in a battle. It inflicts 15 stacks of Explosive Trap on all enemies for the rest of the encounter. He also applies a Critical Damage Down debuff for 2 turns.
Unique Adapt and Survive He gains 30 percent maximum health. If all allies are Rebel Fighters at the beginning of the battle, the first time each non-tank ally falls below 50 percent health, they dispel all debuffs and gain 3 stacks of heal over time for 2 turns. The allies also gain Stealth until they are healed to full health. When the Stealth expires, his allies recover 100 percent protection and gain 30 percent critical damage and offense for 3 turns.

Does Saw have a Leader ability?

Saw’s leader ability, Freedom is not Free, allows him to gain 30 percent maximum health. If all allies are Rebel Fighters at the beginning of the battle, they benefit from a 30 percent Critical Damage buff while they have full health.

If they do not have full health, they will gain 30 percent Defense and 10 Speed points for each stack of heal over time on them.

Furthermore, Saw gains the granted ability, Set Explosive Trap. At the start of the encounter, Saw gains speed up for 1 turn and all allies above 10 percent health lose 10 percent health. However, they gain Critical Damage Up for 1 turn and 2 stacks of Heal over Time for 1 turn.

Whenever a buff expires on an ally, they gain Tenacity Up for 1 turn and an additional bonus, which is determined by their role.

Which bonuses do allies get?

Saw’s leader ability offers his allies a unique bonus,  but the bonus is determined by the allies’ roles on the battlefield. The bonuses that his allies will receive are:

Role Bonus
Support or Healer Reduce cooldowns by 1 and gain 25 percent Turn Meter.
Tank The tank can taunt enemies for 2 turns.
Attacker Attacking allies will gain an Offense Up buff for 2 turns.

How to acquire Saw

At the time of writing this, it is unclear how gamers can add Saw to their arsenal. However, we recommend that you keep an eye on the official SWGoH social media pages and website as all official information is released on these platforms.

Once you have procured Saw, you should follow some strategy tips. Players should note that the Explosive Traps timer goes down when enemies take turns and use special ability. Moreover, healing over time has the potential to enhance Saw’s leadership ability.

Players should also remember that Mon Mothma is not a Rebel Fighter, and for this reason, some of Saw’s kit will not apply to her.

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