SWGoH: Riposte Characters

There are numerous buffs that you can benefit from in SWGoH, one of which is Riposte, however, only 3 characters can apply it.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) invites players to become the Master of the Galaxy! You can create and customize your team using characters from every era.

To compose a team, you have to procure various light side and dark side heroes.

Riposte Characters

There are numerous characters that you can collect as you progress in SWGoH, but each character has unique abilities. Furthermore, some characters can provide your team with unique buffs while applying debuffs on enemies.

One of the buffs that you can use is Riposte and its official description reads, “Attack out of turn ignores Protection.”

This buff essentially ignores protection when damaging an opponent. This buff can really change the course of the battle, though only a few characters can apply it.

The only characters that can apply Riposte are Count Dooku, Jedi Knight Cal Kestis (JKC) and Taron Malicos.

These characters are crucial for the Conquest mode as they can apply Riposte. However, according to a SWGoH player, only Dooku and Malicos can apply the buff in conquest.

SWGoH: Riposte Characters
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This is because there is currently a known bug which prevents Jedi Knight Cal Kestis from applying the buff. We therefore recommend that you do not use JKC until the bug is resolved.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when the bug will be resolved, but it is likely to be resolved with the next patch or update.

Character’s that can apply Riposte

Unfortunately, there are only 3 characters in SWGoH who can apply the Riposte buff. The following table lists the skills that they use to apply the buff:

Character Skill name Description
Count Dooku Master of Makashi He dispels all debuffs from himself and gains Riposte for 2 turns. All non-Tank Separatist allies gain 15% Turn Meter and Stealth for 2 turns.
Jedi Knight Cal Kestis Windmill Defense If Jedi Knight Cal Kestis does not have Configuration – Dual Wield at the beginning of his turn, he gains Riposte for 2 turns, his Jedi allies gain Protection Up and Retribution for 2 turns. Furthermore, the target Jedi ally gains a bonus turn.
Taron Malicos Vile Thrash Malicos deals physical damage to target enemies and gains Riposte for 2 turns. This attack also increases his Defense Penetration by 30%. However, it is quadrupled if all allies are Dark Side or Light Side Unaligned Force Users.


Every character in SWGoH has various statistics which influence their performance on the battlefield. The Riposte Character’s general statistics are outlined below:

Character Health Protection Speed Critical Damage Potency Tenacity Health Steel Defense Penetration
Count Dooku 33 095 28 785 187 150% 150% 49% 15% 0%
Jedi Knight Cal Kestis 45 031 57 547 149 150% 23% 129% 10% 0%
Taron Malicos 40 363 62 219 140 150% 48% 38% 55% 0%

In addition to these statistics, every character also has base attributes, physical offense statistics, physical survivability statistics and special offense statistics.

They also have special survivability statistics, which consist of resistance, deflection rating and critical avoidance.

How to acquire the Riposte Characters

There are several SWGoH characters who have yet to collect the Riposte Characters. To procure the Riposte characters, you can consider the following:

Character name Method of acquisition
Count Dooku
  • Dats Cards
  • Dark Side 1-C
  • Light Side 1-C
  • Cantina 6G
Jedi Knight Cal Kestis Players must participate in Jedi Knight Cal Kestis’s Hero Journey to unlock him
Taron Malicos According to the SWGoH Forum, you can acquire Taron Malicos by participating in Conquest


We recommend that you only use Dooku and Malicos for Conquest as Jedi Knight Cal Kestis is bugged. Conquest is a scheduled PvE game mode in which players have to make their way across several sectors of the Galaxy.

This event is usually separated into 2 difficulties; normal and hard. This determines the strength of the enemies that you can encounter as well as the rewards which can be earned.

Keep in mind, though, that only one mode can be played every time the event is active. You can review the difference in requirements, enemy Gear Level per sector and rewards before committing to the difficulty.

Once you have selected a difficulty, you cannot change your decision. Each difficulty has 5 sectors that get progressively more dificult.

SWGoH players should remember that you have to clear a Sector before you can move on to the next. You have to clear all 5 Sectors on Normal to move on to Hard mode.

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