SWGoH releases a new character’s kit

SWGoH recently revealed the kit for the powerful Gungan Boomadier; who is able to add stacks of Plasma Shielding to the Shield Generator.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes invites fans of the Star Wars series to collect their favorite characters and destroy enemies. On Tuesday, 26 March 2024, developer, EA Capital Games released a new character: Gungan Boomadier.

SWGoH releases a new character’s kit
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Boomadier is aligned with the Light Side and is a powerful attacker that can add stacks of Plasma Shielding to the Shield Generator. Similarly to other characters in SWGoH, Boomadier has several abilities.

The ‘Catch This’ ability deals physical damage to a target enemy, but the damage is tripled if the enemy is Shocked.

His first special, Cluster Booma, deals physician damage to his opponent, however, he deals additional instances of damage for every debuff present on the target enemy.

The Horn of Otoh Gunga, on the other hand, deals physical damage to all enemies and applies the Ability Block debuff for 1 turn.

Separatist enemies are inflicted with Protection Disrupted, however, this cannot be copied, dispelled or resisted. This ability also removes 3 stacks of Recharge from allied Shield Generator, and it gains 2 stacks of Plasma Shielding.

Boomadier swaps Turn Meters with another Gungan ally and gains Frenzy for 1 turn. This ability also targets a Gungan ally who gains an Accuracy Up buff for 2 turns.

His unique, Grand Army Specialist reveals that he will lose 75 percent of his maximum health at the beginning of battle, however, he will gain the same amount in Max Protection.

Boomadier receives a 30 percent increase in Defense Penetration and in Offense. When an allied Shield Generator is active, opponents vanquished by Gungan attacks cannot be revived.

Furthermore, when Boomadier uses a special ability, he will gain 5 percent additional Defense Penetration and Offense for the remainder of the battle.

Although you can use Boomadier with any other character in SWGoH, he performs best when used with other Gungans.

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