SWGoH: Potency Up

SWGoH’s Potency Up buff may seem like a simple feature to some but it can have a significant impact on your gameplay.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is a mobile collective game which invites players to indulge in the fictional Star Wars galaxy.

As you progress in the game, you will collect a variety of characters, each with unique buffs and debuffs.

There are various buffs and debuffs that you can use to vanquish enemies in the game. Buffs are beneficial status effects granted by a unit’s abilities.

Debuffs, on the other hand, are detrimental status effects which prevent characters from casting certain abilities or reducing a character’s statistics.

Potency Up

One of the buffs that you may encounter while advancing in SWGoH is Potency Up, which increases a character’s Potency by 50 percent.

Players should note that Potency and Tenacity always work together. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand how they function.

SWGoH has negative effects, which are generally red in color. A high Potency increases your chances of applying a negative effect to an enemy, while high Tenacity increases the chances that you will resist a negative effect from an enemy.

Although Potency may seem like a simple buff in SWGoH, it can influence your gameplay significantly. This is because Potency ensures that debuffs and negative status effects are applied to enemies.

Players should note that Potency Up can be dispelled and prevented, which means that it is not guaranteed that you will receive the buff after casting it.

To be successful on the battlefield, you should ensure that your characters have the most Potency applied to them at all times. That being said, though, only some characters can increase Potency.

How to obtain Potency Up

There are approximately 17 characters in SWGoH which have the ability to apply the Potency Up buff to your team.

We recommend that you always include one of the characters in your team to ensure that your debuffs are applied on enemy characters.

The table below lists some of the characters that can apply Potency Up:

Character name Description
Bodhi Rook This clever rebel supporter can spot enemy units for his allies.
Geonosian Spy He exposes enemies and can deal high amounts of damage.
Kit Fisto He is a versatile Jedi attacker with multi-attacks, counter chance and a variety of ally buffs.
Tech This support character gives translation to other Clone Troopers and applies Target Lock to enemies.

Can ships apply Potency Up?

In addition to characters applying the Potency Up buff, you can procure the buff from certain ships. The following table lists the ships that can apply the Potency Up buff:

Ship name Description
Executor This ship’s ability – We only need to keep them from Escaping – gives all Bounty Hunter allies Potency Up for 1 turn.
Executrix The ability, Executive Order, offers all allies turn meters with a 30 percent increase. Empire allies, however, gain Potency Up and Defense Penetration for 1 turn.

In addition to the ships mentioned in the table, you can also use the First Order SF TIE fighter to gain Potency Up. However, this ship only applies the buff when it is reinforced.


As previously explained, a high Potency increases your chances of applying a negative effect to an enemy, while high Tenacity increases your chances of resisting a negative effect from an opponent.

Several players have wondered if there is a formula for how your increased Potency behaves against the opponent’s Tenacity.

If you are interested in this, you should subtract the Potency from the enemy’s Tenacity to calculate your chance of resisting an effect. Keep in mind that every character has a hardwired built-in 15 percent chance to resist, no matter what.

This means that even if you have 1 000 000 percent Potency, there is always a 15 percent chance that the enemy will resist the effect.

Additional buffs

In addition to Potency Up, your SWGoH characters can benefit from the following buffs:

Buff name Description
Advantage Next attack will be a critical hit
Backup Plan Recover 10 percent health per turn and revive with 80 percent health and 30 percent turn meter when destroyed. This buff cannot be dispelled or prevented.
BlasTech Weapon Mod Characters gain 15 percent turn meter at the beginning of every enemy’s turn. Enemies defeated by this character cannot be revived.
Chaff Immune to target lock
Frenzy Character gains 100 percent turn meter when an ally uses a special ability.
Hired Muscle Increases a character’s Tenacity by 30 percent. It is immune to Daze and Fear.
Loyal Hand It provides characters with a 10 percent increase in Max Protection and Offense.

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