SWGoH: Krayt Raid

The Krayt Dragon Raid is a new raid in SWGoH, and you need to be part of a guild in order to complete it.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is an adventurous mobile game that is set in a distant corner of the Star Wars universe.

There are several enjoyable activities in the game, however, you have to ensure that your troops are strong enough to defeat enemies. The game recently added a new raid called Krayt Dragon Raid for you to enjoy.

Raids in SWGoH

Raids are exclusive events for guilds that require the combined effort of each member’s roster to defeat challenging enemies in various phases.

Every phase is designed to have unique mechanics, and sometimes enemies require adjusting tactics and team compositions.

This activity is quite difficult, hence it requires specific characters with certain abilities to complete it. Raids are released with multiple tiers of difficulty, and the highest difficulty is Heroic.

That being said, Raids generally become easier to complete because of new units and unit progressions.

It is worth noting that only Guild Leaders and Officers can start a Raid. Guild members can join a raid when it has started.

SWGoH: Krayt Raid

SWGoH recently announced that a new raid, which is known as Krayt Dragon Raid, is available for players to complete.

To celebrate the arrival of the raid, you can participate in the upcoming Krayt Dragon Hunt. In order to start the raid, gamers have to go to the native home planet of the Krayt Dragon – Tatooine.

The developers are yet to reveal all the details about the new raid, however, they did reveal a few details about the raid. There are allegedly 2 challenges that you need to consider when you approach the raid.

Firstly, you have to control the enemy monster with several debuffs and secondly, you have to deal as much damage as possible within short time periods.

In other raids, bosses are immune to many debuff effects as they can easily disrupt and trivialise a Raid encounter.

However, for Krayt, the developers introduced a new mechanic – Defiance, which requires that players use debuffs to minimise the effects of the boss’ attacks.

During this time, you need to remove as many stacks of Defiance as possible before the boss takes its next turn. The complete list of affected debuffs with their associated impacts are still being worked on.

The burst damage time period requires that you manage big damage cooldowns to avoid devastating attacks.

You have to maximise the damage potential between these windows by using some of those big cooldowns outside of the window. This is one method to improve performance.

What is the strategy for Krayt Raid?

Players have to balance ability cooldowns between damage and debuff windows while scoring as many points as possible outside of these windows.

The game’s developers revealed that they want to create a great deal of space for optimisation and theorycrafting.

As with all Raids, SWGoH expects this event to be a challenge at first, however, they know that players will discover the core loops of the Raid and fine tune their attempts over time.

Unfortunately the strategy for completing this raid will not be revealed. This is because it is your responsibility to create a strategy with which to complete the raid successfully.

Which characters should you have for Krayt Raid?

The Krayt Raid structure gives players an even more thematic experience. However, it is also a space for several factions to gain some new utility.

For the Krayt Dragon Hunt, players will be limited to certain Factions that have thought of the Krayt Dragon or that have appeared primarily on Tatooine.

If you are interested in completing the Krayt Raid, you are limited to these factions:

  • Tusken
  • Old Republic
  • Mandalorian
  • Jawa
  • Hutt Cartel
SWGoH: Krayt Raid
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Unfortunately, you cannot bring other factions into the Krayt Raid. If you do not have characters from these factions, it is advisable that you collect them and upgrade them as soon as possible.

Krayt Raid rewards

SWGoH adjusted how players can earn rewards with the new Krayt Raid. Instead of competing against your Guildmates for rewards, you now have to work together to get as far as you can to earn the most rewards.

This change introduces 2 different ways to earn rewards: a Guild Track and an Individual Track.

You will therefore earn rewards based on how many points you contribute from the Individual Track. These rewards can be claimed immediately.

The Guild Track rewards players based on the number of points that everyone in the Raid earned at the end of the event. If your Guild did not complete the raid 100 percent, you will still receive rewards.

In addition to rewards, you will also receive a new Raid currency, which can be used to purchase items from Shipments.

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