SWGoH: Evasion Down

One of the debuffs that you can apply on your enemies in SWGoH is Evasion Down, which removes 25 percent dodge chance.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is a mobile collectable game that takes place in a cantina in a distant corner of the Star Wars galaxy.

There are several characters and ships in SWGoH, which can be seen in the well-renowned Star Wars franchise. Unlike the characters in the series, the game’s characters have several status effects, one of which is Evasion Down.

What are status effects?

Status effects are game mechanics that either apply a detrimental debuff or a beneficial buff. However, you can also apply other statuses to units that are battling each other. There are numerous buffs and debuffs in SWGoH, some of which are listed below:

Debuff/buff name Effect
Buff: Advantage The next attack will be a critical hit
Debuff: Blind The unit will miss the next attack
Buff: The Emperor’s Trap Offense and Potency are increased by 6 percent
Debuff: Critical Chance Down Removes 25 percent of critical chance
Buff: Stealth Characters cannot be targeted directly
Debuff: Daze The unit cannot assist, counter attack or gain bonus Turn Meter

SWGoH: Evasion Down

Nearly every character in SWGoH has the ability to provide their allies with buffs and place debuffs on their enemies.

Keep in mind that no single character has to access all the debuffs and buffs, therefore, you have to construct your characters so that you have access to several buffs and debuffs.

A debuff is a detrimental effect that units can get that generally decreases stats or adds mechanics that hinder them in some way, such as not being able to use a special ability.

One of the debuffs in SWGoH is Evasion Down. This debuff removes 25 percent dodge chance. In theory, some of your characters can apply this debuff to your enemies, and it will decrease their dodge chance by 25 percent.

Dodge chance determines the chance to evade physical abilities. Applying the Evasion Down debuff on an enemy reduces their chance to evade physical abilities by 25 percent. You can therefore use your characters to apply an Evasion Down debuff to your enemies to ensure that the physical abilities you perform deal more damage.

If you apply an Evasion Down buff, you can use more physical abilities, which means that the enemies will take more damage. This allows you to destroy the enemies with the debuff quicker.

It is noteworthy, though, that there are other aspects, such as gear, weapons, buffs, debuffs and level, which can influence the outcome of the battle.

Evasion Down characters

As previously explained, only some of the SWGoH characters have the ability to apply the Evasion Down debuff on their enemies. The characters that can apply the debuff are as follows:

Character Description
Amilyn Holdo Seasoned Resistance Tank with powerful ally support and enemy debuffs
Bastila Shan He inflicts a large number of debuffs
Bodhi Rook He is a clever rebel supporter who discovers enemy units for his allies
Cal Kestis He uses his unique abilities to support his allies and can manipulate the flow of the battle
Obi-Wan Kenobi This Jedi Tank can shut down enemy offenses with various debuffs
Zam Wesell This lightning-fast Scoundrel attacker inflicts Evasion Down and detonates bombs

In addition to the characters mentioned in the table, Threepio, Chewie, Sith Assassin, Krrsantan, and Geonosian Spy can all inflict Evasion Down as well.

Can ships apply an Evasion Down debuff?

At the moment of writing this, there are 3 ships that have the ability to inflict the Evasion Down debuff. The table below outlines the ships that can apply Evasion Down:

Ship Description Acquisition
Geonosian Soldier’s Starfighter An aggressive separatist attacker that can automatically assist allies. Players can obtain this ship from the Ground War.
MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 This resilient resistance tank can take punishment and debilitate enemies. Can be acquired from Fleet Battles: 2-D (Hard).
TIE Advanced It is a fearsome empire attacker that shuts enemies down with stacking debuffs. You can obtain this ship from the Fleet Arena Store, Military Might, Secrets and Shadows. However it is also collectable from Fleet Battles: 4-B (Hard).

Dispelling Evasion Down

If you apply an Evasion Down debuff on an enemy or a ship, there is a chance that the debuff will be dispelled. Dispel Debuff is a mechanic that dispels all debuffs that may be on units, in which case the Evasion Down debuff will be removed.

This principle can also be applied to your characters. If an enemy applies the Evasion Down debuff on one of your characters, you can use the dispel debuff mechanic to remove it from your characters.

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