SWGoH: Error Code 3.0

Error code 3.0 prevents SWGoH players from accessing the game, however, the game’s developers are working on the situation.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is an exhilarating mobile game that invites gamers to explore the fictional Star Wars galaxy, set in a far, distant corner.

You can recruit characters, defeat enemies, complete quests and participate in a range of gaming modes. Unfortunately, you may encounter error codes, such as error code 3.0, at certain points in the game.

SWGoh: Error Codes

Although SWGoH was released several years ago, you may still encounter error codes. Luckily, most of these errors can easily be fixed, but there are some codes that are more complicated to solve. Some of these error codes are:

Error Code Resolution
9.57 This error code explains that the game requires a stable internet connection to function. Players should ensure that they are connected to a stable internet connection, and if you are, you can restart the game to resolve the problem.
10 It is related to the data from the server, which cannot be fetched. You have to ensure that you have the game’s latest available update downloaded and installed.

SWGoH: Error Code 3.0

There are several error codes in SWGoH, one of which is error code 3.0. The code’s official description reads, “An error has occurred that requires restarting the game. Please check your internet connection as a poor connection could be the issue, then press Restart.

SWGoH: Error Code 3.0

It continues, “If you have seen this prompt multiple times and have a strong internet connection, then please contact us. Error Code: 3.0”

According to Answers.EA, 111 players have experienced this error code, however, the actual number can be much higher as not all players participate in forums.

One player claimed that he is unable to access the game and that uninstalling and reinstalling the game did not resolve the problem.

The player revealed that he also disconnected and reconnected to a stable internet connection and the problem persisted.

Since several players have encountered error code 3.0, the game’s developer, EA Mobile, has revealed that it is a known bug and that they are attempting to solve the problem.

Although the developers are trying to solve the error code, there are some methods that you can try to use to fix the issue.

Players can sign out of their SWGoH account and sign into the game after waiting a few minutes. Furthermore, you can clear your SWGoH app cache, and if that does not resolve the issue, uninstall and reinstall the game.

Alternatively, you can restart your mobile device to try to resolve the issue.

What to do if error code 3.0 is a recurring problem

If you encounter error code 3.0 quite regularly and nothing resolves the issue, we recommend that you contact SWGoH’s support.

Since you cannot access the game, you will not be able to submit a ticket in the game, but fortunately, you can contact the developers on the official EA Help website.

When you do contact EA Help, make sure that you have your player identification number and Ally code so that the developers can find your account.

On the official EA Help website, you will notice an icon in the upper right corner. Click on the icon  to log your ticket and follow the given instructions.

How to find your player ID

Unfortunately, you need to log into SWGoH to obtain your player ID. To do this, launch the game and click on the gear icon on the home screen.

On the new menu, your player ID will be at the bottom of the screen. We recommend that you take a screenshot of this number as it is case sensitive.

Although it is a difficult task, especially if you are experiencing an error code, it is safest to have your player ID saved on your mobile device for if you cannot log into the game and you need to submit a ticket.

When does error code 3.0 occur?

Unfortunately, error codes happen very unexpectedly and therefore, it is difficult to know when they will appear.

However, on Wednesday, 3 May 2023, several players revealed on the official SWGoH forums that they are experiencing error code 3.0. This means that numerous players are unable to access the game.

One player suggested that perhaps the game is updating, or the developers are performing maintenance on the server. However, SWGoH did not inform players that an update or server maintenance is planned, so many players think that it is not a regular update.

It is currently unknown whether the issue has been resolved or not.

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