SWGoH: Captain Rex Team

The best team for SWGoH’s Captain Rex includes a combination of Rebel Phoenix characters with Hera as the leader.

Players can explore the fictional Star Wars galaxy in this adventurous video game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH).

There are many characters that you can collect in the game, one of which is Captain Rex. However want to know which team is best suited for him.

SWGoH: Captain Rex Team

Captain Rex is a former Captain of the 501st Clone Battalion and veteran Support of countless conflicts. Since there are more than 50 characters in SWGoH, it can be difficult to decide which characters you should assign to Captain Rex’s team.

We recommend that players mostly use a combination of Rebel Phoenix characters. However, you should make Hera Syndulla the leader of the team.

Since there are several Rebel Phoenix characters, you can experiment with who you include in a Captain Rex team.

You can upgrade all the Rebel Phoenix characters to Gear 12 and then determine your needs. Your needs will determine which Rebel Phoenix characters you should use with Captain Rex.

If you are interested in a general team for Captain Rex, we recommend that you use Hera, Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios and Kanan Jarrus. However, you can also use Sabine Wren if you do not need her for Mandos.

SWGoH: Captain Rex Team
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Who are the Rebel Phoenix characters?

The table below lists all the Rebel Phoenix characters in SWGoH:

Character Description
Chopper A supporter who taunts and dispels enemies.
Ezra Bridger This versatile character can perform a variety of effects based on the roles of allies.
Zeb This tank has a wide variety of effects for allies and enemies.
Hera She enables her Phoenix allies to share their Unique abilities with each other.
Kanan Jarrus This tank keeps enemy offense crippled and allies healthy.
Sabine Wren She permanently strips Defense and punishes slower enemies.

Are the Rebel Phoenix characters good?

The Rebel Phoenix team is a great choice for new players for various reasons. Every squad member is easily obtainable through in-game stores and light and dark battles.

This team offers advantages in unlocking Legendary characters through certain events. Furthermore, the Phoenix characters’ abilities synergize with each other, which makes them incredibly powerful.

How to acquire the characters

SWGoH players can procure the characters in the following ways:

Character How to acquire
Captain Rex Gamers can enjoy a Marquee activity that takes place every Thursday to acquire him
Hera You can farm Hera shards in Light Side Battles: 2-F Hard at a cost of 12 energy.
Zeb It is possible to farm Zeb shards in Galactic War Shipments at a cost of 400 War Tokens.
Kanan Players can farm Kanan’s shards in Squad Arena Shipments at a cost of 400 Arena Tokens.

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