SWGOH: Admiral Trench

Admiral Trench in SWGoH can be acquired by progressing in the Conquest game mode, however you need to be level 85 to participate in this mode

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is a mobile collectable role-playing game that takes place in a far distant corner of the Star Wars Galaxy.

There are several characters you can collect in the game; however, it depends whether you are on the light, or dark side. One of the dark side characters you can acquire is Admiral Trench.

Admiral Trench’s lore

At the end of the Clone Wars, Admiral Trench resurfaced, seriously injured. However, he was rebuilt with the help of cybernetic implants.

He became the mastermind of a plan to turn the tide of the war by harnessing the clone trooper Echo’s brain for Separatist strategizing.

Trench and Wat Tambor created the algorithm, which is a complex system of machines that infiltrated Echo’s memories to anticipate the Republic’s counter maneuvers. This system ensured Separatist victories in combat.

However, Trench was unable to anticipate that Captain and the Bad Batch would return for their fallen brother. He also did not believe that any Jedi, even Anakin Skywalker, would strike him down.

SWGOH: Admiral Trench

Admiral Trench is a cunning Separatist admiral in SWGoH who supports his allies with potent buffs and ruins his enemies with debilitating debuffs.

This character has several abilities you can use in a battle:

Type Skill name Description
Basic Unfinished Business He deals special damage to the target enemy and shocks them for 2 turns. If the target was already shocked, he will stun them for 1 turn.


During his turn, his allies with Tactical Supremacy gain a heal over time and a protection over time for 2 turns.

Special Net Positive Trench dispels buffs and deals special damage to an enemy. He inflicts stagger for 2 turns and calls all other non-droid Separatist allies to assist.  He gains a protection buff of 40 percent for 2 turns while other Separatist allies gain a 20 percent protection buff.
Leader Feared Tactician Separatist allies have a 30 percent increase in their max health, max protection and speed. They also obtain a 10 percent speed buff for each ally with Tech and each enemy with Extortion.
Unique Smell Fear and it Smells Good At the start of the battle, Trench loses 50 percent max health and gains that much max protection. While he is active, Separatist allies have 50 percent additional potency.


When it is his turn, Trench gains protection over time for 1 turn. He is then immune to buff immunity and healing immunity.

It is worth noting that some of these skills have special effects that only activate during Territory Wars. For example, Unfinished Business allows Trench to inflict an ability block debuff on an enemy for 1 turn.

He also reduces their critical damage until the end of the encounter. If the enemy was already debuffed, he will remove 50 percent of the turn meter from them.

SWGOH: Admiral Trench
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How to obtain Admiral Trench

Trench can be acquired by progressing in Conquest, which is a scheduled player-versus-environment game mode where you have to make your way across several sectors of the Galaxy.

The event is separated into 2 difficulties, namely normal and hard. This determines the strength of the enemies that are encountered as well as the rewards that can be earned.

Each difficulty consists of 5 sectors that get progressively more difficult. However, you need to complete all 5 sectors of the normal mode before you can attempt the difficult mode.

Once you commit to a mode, it is impossible to change the mode. To participate in this mode, you have to be at least level 85.

Strategy Tips

Jango Fett can benefit from having the Baktoid Shield Generator tech while under an Admiral Trench led team. Opening with this in a battle can give your team a starting advantage.

Since the team will gain a great deal of speed based on extortion from Nute Gunray and Tech from Wat Tambor, both characters can benefit from higher speed values to ensure success.

It is worth noting that Trench’s callouts to Tech are not related to the Bad Batch character. It refers to the Tech handed out by Wat Tambor: BlasTech Weapon Mod, Baktoid Shield Generator and Chiewab Medpac.

New Effects for Trench

For Tactical Supremacy, he gains 30 percent critical damage and potency. Moreover, Trench recovers 10 percent protection at the start of his turn. If he is dispelled, he will recover 40 percent health and gain foresight and advantage for 2 turns.

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