Summoners War: Sky Arena’s Secret Dungeons

Players are able to receive a Secret Dungeon as a reward for completing a Hall of Elements stage in Summoners: War: Sky Arena.

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a popular mobile turn-based massive multiplayer online game. In the game, players take on the role of a summoner who opens scrolls to summon different monsters. The player and the monsters then enter a turn-based battle.

Players can obtain new monsters by participating in events, going to the Temple of Wishes, or by discovering them in the Secret Dungeons. Secret Dungeons are hidden dungeons that players can gain as a random reward by clearing stages in the Halls of Elements.

Halls of Elements

The Halls of Elements consist of five dungeons: Hall of Wind, Hall of Light, Hall of Fire, Hall of Dark and Hall of Water. Each dungeon features 10 floors consisting of three waves each. Players need to defeat a boss at the end of the third wave to complete it.

Completing the dungeons often awards players with elemental essences, specific to the element of the dungeon. The essences are required to awaken monsters. Players may also obtain an Anglemon or be rewarded with a Secret Dungeon.

It is important to note that each dungeon is only open one day of the week. It is usually on the day of the week when the dungeon’s element corresponds to the Classical Chinese name for the day of the week. Once a dungeon closes, players need to wait until the next week to be able to complete it.

Secret Dungeons

Once players have received the Secret Dungeons reward, they are able to complete it. The Secret Dungeons feature 10 stages, each having a certain number of monsters that have to be defeated to continue to the next.

When a player successfully completes a level, they will receive a certain number of summoning pieces of that monster. However, it depends on how many stages have been completed. Once the player obtained enough summoning pieces, they can summon the monster at the Summoning Circle.

It is important to note that Secret Dungeons are only available to complete for one hour after its discovery. Players should also remember that only one Secret Dungeon can be discovered at a time. However, players can enter other Secret Dungeons of befriended players.

Players who discover the dungeon will receive one times more summoning piece per entered player.

Required summoning pieces

Summoning pieces for five-star monsters are only available to purchase in the Ancient Coin Shop and in the Guild Shop. However, players can obtain the summoning pieces for the other monsters in the Secret Dungeons.

Monster star-tiers Required summoning pieces
100 pieces
50 pieces
40 pieces
20 pieces
10 pieces

Alternative method to unlock Secret Dungeons

Many players are not aware that the Secret Dungeons can be unlocked by going to the Crafting Buildings. However, this method comes at a price. In the ‘Special’ section, there is an option to open a Secret Dungeon for the price of five Magic Dusts, 10,000 Mana Stones, and 10 Middle Essences of the element as the dungeon opens that day.

Players are also able to open a specific Hall of Elements for 200 crystals, for a certain amount of time. While the Hall is open, players have a chance to discover a Secret Dungeon.

If players are looking for a specific monster in a specific dungeon, it is recommended that they check the chat channels and ask other players if they can add them to the dungeons.

Secret Dungeon drop rates

Stages Base Reward Chance to obtain an additional piece
10 4
9 3 50%
8 3
7 2 50%
6 2
5 1 66%
4 1 33%
3 1
2 0 66%
1 0 33%

Discoverable monsters in Secret Dungeons

There are over 20 monsters that players can find in multiple dungeons. However, some monsters can only be found in one Secret Dungeon. The Asterix indicates in which Hall of Element players can discover the Secret Dungeon, in order to find the monster.

Monster Fire Water Wind Light Dark
Beast Hunter *
Fairy * * * *
Garuda * *
Bearman * * * *
Hellhound * * * *
Werewolf * *
Grim Reaper *


Players have a chance to discover a Secret Dungeon when they successfully complete a stage in the Halls of Elements. Each Secret Dungeon features a monster that players need to defeat. Players will be able to collect summoning pieces once they enter the Secret Dungeon. When the player has obtained enough summoning pieces, they will be able to summon the monster at the Summoning Circle.

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