Summoners War: Is Onimusha good?

Summoners War: Sky Arena has different types of monsters, one of which is the Onimusha, who has varied skills and abilities.


Players can enjoy turn-based battles in this popular, massive multiplayer online game, Summoners War: Sky Arena. You are invited to assume the role of a summoner, who can open scrolls to summon different monsters for you to play with. All of the monsters have unique skills and abilities that can help you win the battle.

All players will have to complete a tutorial when they start playing the game. It will teach you the basic mechanics and gameplay, and after the tutorial, you will be able to participate in battles where you can fight and defeat several monsters to receive rewards. Moreover, you can complete quests and join Summoner’s Way.

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What is the objective of having many activities?

It is said that players will remain interested in a game if it comprises numerous activities. This is because the game will not get monotonous, since it does not focus on a single task. Multiple activities can also attract a diverse group of people.

Players should note that some stages on the battlefield, and certain activities, will be locked when you first start playing the game. However, you can unlock them as you progress in the game and if you meet the requirements. The requirements to unlock specific activities motivates players to play the game for longer periods of time.

Summoners War: Is Onimusha good?

As mentioned above, there are many monsters to help you defeat your enemies on the battlefield. To summon a monster, you first have to obtain a summoning scroll, which you can use at the summoning portal to acquire monsters.

One of the monster groups that you can summon is the Onimusha, which has 4 natural 4-star monsters, and 1 natural 5-star monster. This means that you can obtain Onimusha as a fire, water, dark, wind, and light element. Each of the variations have their own unique skills that can be used in battle.

It is believed that how good the monster is, is determined by its element. This may mean that one element could be stronger or weaker than the others. Many players claim that the Fire Onimusha is the best of all the variations.

The Water Onimusha is a close second, and the Wind Onimusha is allegedly the worst element. It is advised that players do not invest time and energy into improving the Wind Onimusha.

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Onimusha’s skills

There are 5 different elements for the Onimusha monster. Each element has its own skills and abilities that can be used on the battlefield. The following table lists all elements’ skills:

Wind Onimusha

Dark Onimusha

Light Onimusha

Water Onimusha

Fire Onimusha

·   Ghost Slash

·   Blade Slaughter

·   Calculated Sacrifice

·   Leader Skill

·   Ghost Slash

·   Ghost Wild Dance

·   Indomitable

·   Ghost Slash

·   Blade Slaughter

·   Banging head against a brick wall

·   Ghost Wild Dance

·   Ghost Slash

·   Undergo Hardship

·   Forestall

·   Blade Slaughter

·   Ghost Slash

Most of the elements feature the same active skills, but their passive skills make them unique.

How to acquire Onimusha

By now you know that one of the ways you can get monsters is by summoning them in the summoning portal. This means that you have to obtain specific summoning scrolls if you want to get Onimusha. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will acquire this monster as the drop chance is randomly generated.

The other way you can obtain an Onimusha is by completing dungeons. Receiving a monster in this way is also completely random and not guaranteed.

Summoners War: Onimusha
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Summoning scrolls

There are over 15 different summoning scrolls you can use to get new monsters. The following table lists some of the scrolls you can find, and a description of each:

Summoning scroll Description

Unknown scroll

It is the most common scroll in the game, and it can be found in all dungeons and scenarios. They summon 1-star to 3-star monsters.

Legendary scroll

It is a very rare type of scroll, and it is capable of summoning either 4-star or 5-star monsters. Players may have a difficult time obtaining a legendary scroll.

Fire scroll

Players are only able to summon a fire monster with the fire scroll. Keep in mind that this is a rare type of scroll.

Final thoughts

You can experience turn-based gameplay in this popular, massive multiplayer online game, Summoners War: Sky Arena. Players are invited to assume the role of a summoner, who opens scrolls to summon different monsters that they can play with. All of the monsters have unique skills and talents to help you win the battle.

One of the monsters that you can get in the game is the Onimusha group. Similarly to other monsters, Onimusha has variations. Many players claim that only the Fire Onimusha is worth spending time and attention on.

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