Summoners War: How to get transformation stones?

Summoners War: Sky Arena features different types of currencies, one of which is Shapeshifting Stones, but they are difficult to get as they are not very abundant.


Summoners War: Sky Arena is an adventurous multiplayer online game that invites players to take part in turn-based battles. You can assume the role of a summoner, who uses summoning scrolls to summon numerous monsters. Each monster has different talents and abilities, which makes defeating enemies much easier.

As you advance in the storyline and complete stages, you will discover a wide variety of items, gear, weapons, and accessories which can improve your gameplay and make it much easier. Moreover, you can find different types of currencies, and each of them have a different objective in the game.

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What are the different types of currencies?

All of the different types of currencies in the game can be used to purchase various items and upgrades. Players can purchase a variety of items, from basic things like upgrading Runes, to new skins for their monsters.

It is worth noting that every currency can be obtained in different ways and generally, most things can only be purchased with a specific kind of currency. The currencies in the game include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy
  • Arena Invitations
  • Crystals
  • Social Points
  • Glory Points
  • Guild Points
  • Medals
  • Ancient Coins
  • Glory Tokens

How to obtain Shapeshifting Stones in Summoners War: Sky Arena

The game features over 50 different monsters for you to procure and play with. Although, some of them do stand out above the rest. These monsters have a feature that the others do not have, and it is called Transmogrifications. This essentially means that they have cosmetic skins that you can change according to your preference.

In order to Transmogrify a monster, you first have to collect Shapeshifting Stones, which is one of the in-game currencies. Even though there are not many of these stones available in the game, you can obtain them for free. You can get Shapeshifting Stones in various ways, such as participating in the Rift of Worlds and the World Arena.

Alternatively, you can get them from the World Arena Special League, Cairos Dungeon, or by joining in-game events. You will have to collect approximately 100 Shapeshifting Stones to Transmogrify a monster.

What is the Rift of Worlds?

The Rift of the Worlds is a feature in the game where players can fight against Raid bosses. Bear in mind that this feature is only unlocked after you have completed a World Boss battle at least once. This area features a total of 6 unique Raid bosses, one of which requires players to work as part of a team of 3 to defeat.

That being said, the other 5 bosses must be fought individually. Allegedly, you will also receive numerous rewards for every boss that you defeat in the Rift of Worlds.

How to Transmogrify a monster

Once you have procured enough Shapeshifting Stones and 300 000 mana, you can head to the Transmogrification Building to Transmogrify a monster of your choice. This process will unlock the cosmetic skin permanently. Please note that not all monsters can go through the Transmogrification process.

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Which monsters can be Transmogrified?

The game features several different monsters, however, only some of them can be Transmogrified.

The following table indicates some of the monsters and their Transmogrifications:

Monster Transmogrification
Archangel ·   Decadent Shine
Assassin ·   Shadow Killer

·   Shadow Hunter

Death Knight ·   Fearsome Judge
Hell Lady ·   Wing of Death

·   Beach Lady

·   Daze Lilly

Joker ·   DJ

·   Card Master

Sylph ·   Space Agent

·   Masked Elementalist

Final thoughts

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an imaginative, massive multiplayer online game that features turn-based battles. Players can assume the role of a summoner, who uses summoning scrolls to summon various monsters. Each monster has different skills and powers, which makes defeating enemies much easier.

As you progress in the game, you will come across a variety of gear, currencies, weapons, accessories, and items that can alter your gameplay. One of the currencies you can find is Shapeshifting Stones, which you can use to Transmogrify certain monsters. Even though this currency is free, it is quite difficult to acquire it, as it is not very abundant.

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