STFC: Zed Alpha

Zed Alpha is one of the systems you can explore in STFC, however, unlike other systems, it requires Epic Latinum Transwarp Cells to enter.

There are various systems that you can visit and explore as you progress in Star Trek Fleet Command.

It is important to note that every system requires a specific warp range before you can travel to it. One of the systems you can explore is Zed Alpha, which requires a warp range of 22.

If you are yet to reach warp range 22, you will not be able to travel to Zed Alpha, however, there are some officers in STFC that can increase your warp range when you assign them to a specific vessel.

Keep in mind that not only do you need a warp range of 22 to enter Zed Alpha, but you also need to collect Epic Latinum Transwarp Cells.

On the official STFC Discord server, a player known as Order2Chaos mentioned that you need to vanquish an Assimilated Ferengi Trader in a Borg Probe system to obtain a latinum antique.

STFC: Zed Alpha
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Players are then able refine this item for a chance to obtain a Latinum Transwarp Cell.

The quality of the Latinum Transwarp Cell that you receive depends on the tier of your Vi’Dar. The higher the tier of your Vi’Dar is, the higher your chances are of getting an Epic Latinum Transwarp Cell.

Once you have obtained Epic Latinum Transwarp Cells, and if you have a warp range of 22, you will be able to enter Zed Alpha.

As you enter Zed Alpha, you will notice that this system does not have any missions for you to complete and it does not have any housing options. However, you can encounter Assimilated Ferengi Miners as you explore the system.

Where to find Assimilated Ferengi Traders

As previously mentioned, you have to destroy Assimilated Ferengi Traders to obtain Latinum Antiques. It is worth noting that the level of the Assimilated Ferengi Trader determines its spawn location.

You can find the opponents in the following systems:

Assimilated Ferengi Trader Level Systems
  • Metra Alpha
  • Metra Beta
  • Metra Gamma
  • Benes Beta
  • Benes Alpha
  • Benes Delta
  • Benes Gamma
  • Roda Alpha
  • Roda Beta
  • Roda Gamma
  • Roda Delta
  • Corta Alpha
  • Corta Beta
  • Sigma Carment
  • Corta Gamma
  • Zeta Gray
  • Beta Zetori

We recommend that you attempt to defeat an Assimilated Ferengi Trader that corresponds to your level. If you are level 25, you should not attack a level 33 Assimilated Ferengi Trader.


According to Commander Order2Chaos, you have to refine the Latinum Antiques you obtained from Assimilated Ferengi Traders to acquire a Latinum Transwarp Cell. It is believed that you have to refine this item in your Vi’Dar’s refinery.

In order to obtain Epic Latinum Transwarp Cells, you have to upgrade the Vi’Dar’s tier. The higher the tier of the vessel is, the higher your chances are of obtaining Epic Latinum Transwarp Cells.

Though it is worth noting that there is no guarantee that you will receive an Epic Latinum Transwarp Cell by refining your Latinum Antiques.

Players may therefore have to refine the items several times to receive an Epic Latinum Transwarp Cell.

Assimilated Ferengi Miners

Once you have entered Zed Alpha, you may encounter Assimilated Ferengi Miners, which are level 31 opponents.

If you defeat this hostel, you will receive between 9000 and 11 000 Raw Latinum, however, this enemy has powerful statistics that you should consider:

Statistic Amount
Power 4 979 758
Attack 1 890 794
Defense 320 350
Health 2 768 614
Accuracy 23 000
Critical Chance 25%
Armor Piercing 23 000
Critical Damage 187.5%
Armor 42 714
Shield Deflection 10 678

Why should you travel to Zed Alpha?

Since entering Zed Alpha requires a lot of effort, several Commanders have been wondering why they should explore Zed Alpha.

This system contains 470 000 Raw Latinum, which essentially means that most players travel to this system to mine the Latinum.

Once you have obtained Raw Latinum, you can refine the resource to acquire Latinum, which is considered the rarest item in STFC.

STFC players can use their Latinum to purchase other resources and speed up items.

Keep in mind, however, that your vessel could be attacked by another player while you are mining your Latinum.

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