STFC: Yuki Crew

STFC players are having a difficult time selecting Yuki’s crew, as it is determined entirely by the battle situation as well as the ship’s tier.

In Star Trek Fleet Command, players collect, build and upgrade iconic ships to go where no one has gone before.

As you complete space-based missions, you will have to help locals, vanquish hostiles and negotiate peace in a range of systems.

Yuki Crew

When you have accepted a mission, you may have to select the ship that you want to use, as well as the crew members onboard the ship.

One of the crew members that you can choose is Yuki, but since there are several officers to choose from, it may be difficult to figure out which crew members will synergize with her abilities.

STFC: Yuki Crew
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On the official STFC Discord Server, one of the moderators, Zabatiz, mentioned that there is not a set crew for Yuki, as it depends entirely on what the situation is.

Moreover, the crew that you have to select for Yuki is determined by the ship you are using as well as its tier and level.

It can therefore be difficult to know which officers you should choose to be part of Yuki’s crew.

However, Zabatiz revealed that regardless of the officers that you choose, Yuki should always be assigned to the captain position of the ship as her captain’s ability is extremely useful.

Although it is challenging to decide which ship and which crew you should use with Yuki, Zabatiz recommends that players use Kirk and Zhou on the Enterprise to complete missions.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not the strongest mission crew in STFC, which means that you may struggle to complete the mission and earn rewards.

Yuki’s crew abilities

Before using Yuki’s crew on the Enterprise to vanquish enemies, we recommend that you become familiar with each officer’s abilities.

The following table lists the crew’s abilities and a description of each:

Officer Abilities
Yuki Sulu Captain Ability: Disrupting Field decreases the Shield Health of the opponent’s ship by 10 percent in every round.
James T. Kirk Officer Ability: Inspirational has a 50 percent chance of inspiring Moral to the ship for 2 rounds at the beginning of every round.
Paul Zhou Officer Ability: Upper Hand increases the shield deflection, armor and dodge of the ship by 30 percent of the crew’s defense for as long as the ship has Morale.

Should you use Yuki’s Crew?

As previously explained, Yuki’s crew is not the strongest crew in STFC, which means that it is not the most popular crew.

Zabatiz believes that this is because Yuki requires a longer fight than other officers and most players prefer crews which are able to vanquish the hostiles quickly.

We recommend that players only use Yuki’s crew only in specific situations, such as to complete certain missions and to defeat some of Q’s Trial’s hostiles.

However, Zabatiz mentioned that she can be used for Realta trolling Valkis if you want to have some fun in STFC.


All officers in STFC have certain synergies with other officers, meaning that their abilities can work together to defeat enemies.

Allegedly, Alexander Marcus, John Harrison and Paul Zhou have synergy with Yuki, which means that you can use them with Yuki to destroy enemies and to complete certain missions.

Keep in mind, however, that the ship you assign these officers on can have a significant influence on the outcome of the battle. We therefore advise you to experiment with various ships to see which vessel will work the best.

Q’s Trials

As previously explained, Commanders can use Yuki’s Crew for certain hostiles in Q’s Trials. In this activity, you have to defeat a hostile before the timer depletes.

The target is unique to each commander, which means that it is impossible to determine which hostile you will have to defeat.

This makes it even more difficult to decide when you should use Yuki’s Crew to vanquish the hostile and to complete the trial.

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