STFC: Yellow Hostile Crew

To defeat STFC’s Yellow Hostiles effectively, players must use certain crews, however you cannot use the regular hostile grinding crew.

You can enter a galaxy on the edge of war as different factions fight for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As the commander, you have to expand your fleet by recruiting officers, building vessels and completing space-based missions.

Yellow Hostile Crew

There are endless crew combinations that you can assign to your vessels to defeat enemies in STFC. However, some crew combinations function better than others when you are trying to defeat certain hostiles.

With so many officers in the game, it can be very confusing for veteran and new players alike to determine what the most effective combination is for destroying Yellow Hostiles.

According to YouTuber, Rev Deuce, the Yellow triangles  on the map represent an enemy that spawned through a mission.

Yellow Hostiles are unlike any other hostile in STFC as players have to use generic crews to defeat them. This means that there are several popular hostile grinding crews that will be ineffective against a Yellow Hostile.

When choosing a crew to fight a Yellow Hostile, players should choose officers with neutral abilities.

You can therefore assign Five, Kang and Pon to a vessel to defeat a Yellow Target, but since they are Epic Officers, not everyone will have them in their officer collection.

STFC: Yellow Hostile Crew
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Fortunately, there are numerous other crews that you can use if you are yet to collect the recommended Yellow Hostile Crew.

If you are an early game player, we recommend that you use Spock, Kirk and McCoy to defeat the Yellow Hostiles.

Officer abilities

Every officer in STFC has unique abilities you can use to defeat enemies. The following table lists the recommended Yellow Hostie Crews’ abilities and a description of each:

Officer Position Ability
Five of Eleven Captain Weaponry is irrelevant: Increases the Shield deflection, Armor and Dodgy by 200 percent of the total health of all officers on the ship
Kang Officer Blood Oath: At the beginning of the battle, it increases the Accuracy of the ship by 100 percent of the Attack of the crew on the ship
Pon Officer Breen Served Cold: Decreases opponent’s critical chance by 52 percent at the beginning of every round
Spock Officer Illogical: When the vessel has Morale, he restores Shield Health to an equivalent amount to 25 percent of the Defense of all Officers on the ship.
Kirk Captain Leader: As long as the ship has Morale, Kirk gives all Officers on the ship a bonus of 40 percent to all their statistics.
McCoy Officer Excellent Medicine: Every time the ship gets hit by a weapon attack, he increases the Defense of all the officers on the Bridge by 10 percent.

Crews based on the type of Yellow Hostile

STFC players all know that there are Battleships, Survey Ships, Interceptors and Explorer ships in the game.

However, to be efficient in vanquishing enemies, you have to be aware of the battle triangle, which indicates that Explorers have an advantage over Interceptors, which have an advantage over Battleships.

When you are fighting an Interceptor Yellow Hostile, we recommend that you use Kang, Five of Eleven and Khan. However, if you are fighting an Explorer, you should use Yuki, Marcus and Khan.

Which crews do not work against Yellow Hostiles

When it comes to deciding which officers you want to assign to a vessel to destroy enemies, most players choose Pike, Moreau and Chen.

However this crew will not be effective against Yellow Hostiles as their skills were specifically designed for certain hostiles.

Chen’s captain ability and officer ability only works against hostiles level 51 and lower. These abilities will not work against Yellow Hostiles, therefore, we do not recommend that you use the regular hostile grinding crew.

Furthermore, you should not use any SNW crew members to defeat Yellow Hostiles, as their abilities will also be ineffective against the enemies.

Who is the captain of the crews?

It is essential that you select a captain for each of the recommended Yellow Hostile Crews. If you are using Five of Eleven, Kang and Pon, you should make Five of Eleven the captain.

However, if you are using Spock, Kirk and McCoy, Kirk should be the captain of the crew.

STFC players who use Yuki, Marcus and Khan should select Yuki as the captain, but if you use Kang, Five of Eleven and Khan, we recommend that you choose Five of Eleven to be the captain of the crew.

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