STFC: Xindi-Aquatic Location

The new Xindi-Aquatic enemies in STFC can only be found in specific locations, which is determined by their level.

The Enterprise NX-01 has recently been added to Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) and it specializes in defeating Xindi hostiles.

Scopely also released a new type of Xindi hostiles, however they can only be found in specific systems in the galaxy.

The spawn location of the new Xindi-Aquatic enemies depends on their level, which essentially makes finding a specific level of the Xindi-Aquatic hostiles much easier.

The following table lists the location of the Xindi-Aquatic Cruisers:

Xindi-Aquatic Level Systems
  • Juuska
  • Faden
  • Dahkso
  • Tamhluch
  • Paynax
  • Emissius
  • Anorlo
  • Taskeh
  • Meedra
  • Tebith
  • Mobhi
  • Glensha
  • Yoton

As can be seen in the table above, there are various levels of Xindi-Aquatic hostiles you can find in various systems. The table also indicates that only players who have reached level 40 will be able to vanquish the enemies from the galaxy.

We recommend that you do not attempt to defeat a Xindi-Aquatic whose level is much higher than yours.

For example, if you are level 40, you should attempt to defeat a level 40 enemy and not a level 62 enemy. However, if you are level 50, you can defeat enemies whose level is lower, and a few levels higher than yours.

Xindi-Aquatic abilities

Although there are different levels of Xindi-Aquatic hostiles, they all have the same abilities, which are as follows:

Name Description
Xindi Might When the round concludes, this ship fires 9 shots from its super weapon and deals lethal damage to the enemy players’ ship.
Be Like Water At the start of the round, Xindi-Aquatic enemies will reduce your critical hit damage by 2 500 percent for 2 rounds.
Strength of the Ibix The hostile has 10 shots per weapon and all damage this hostile does completely ignores player shields.

How to defeat the Xindi-Aquatic hostiles

Once you have traveled to one of the above-mentioned systems, you will encounter numerous Xindi-Aquatic hostiles. Unfortunately, these enemies can only be defeated with the new Enterprise NX-01 vessel.

To add this ship to your fleet, you can acquire 1 or 2 NX-01 blueprints from the Ex-Borg Store on a daily basis. Alternatively, a complete unlock is available through the Offers tab.

That being said, if you are interested in the complete unlock, you should note that you will have to use real money.

This ship’s abilities have been designed to provide essential boosts during battles against Xindi-Aquatic hostiles and therefore we recommend you construct it as soon as possible.

Xindi-Aquatic Crew

Although you can assign any officers to your NX-01 ship in STFC, only some officers will be able to defeat the Xindi-Aquatic enemies.

We recommend that you assign Jonathan Archer to the captain’s position of the ship as he gives a massive boost to Xindi loot drops.

There are various crew combinations you can use against the Xindi-Aquatic hostiles; however, we recommend that you always use Tucker with Archer. For the final crew position, you can assign one of the following officers:

  • Janeway, Ent-E Picard or Data
  • PIC Beverly
  • 5 of 11
  • Khan
  • Gorkon or Lorca

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