STFC: Xindi Aquatic Crew

STFC Commanders can now defeat Xindi Aquatic hostiles to earn rich rewards, and you can assign the perfect crew to your ship to increase your rewards

Scopely recently released the new Enterprise NX-01 to Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), however, only players who have reached level 40 can construct it.

When you have constructed the vessel, you can use it to vanquish the new Xindi Aquatic hostiles.

Since the Xindi Aquatic enemies have been introduced in STFC, Commanders have been wondering what the perfect crew is to defeat them.

Although you can use any crew for the NX-01 to vanquish the Xindi Aquatic hostiles from space, this is not recommended.

This is because some crew combinations are more effective against the specific hostiles than others.

The same update that introduced the new vessel, also introduced Jonathan Archer, who plays an integral role in the efficiency of the NX-01.

He maximizes your time on the vessel, especially if he is joined on board by Trip Tucker and Janeway. Archer increases the amount of rewards you will earn for defeating a Xindi Aquatic hostile, and he also increases your critical damage.

Archer, Tucker and Janeway make the perfect team for the NX-01 and for vanquishing Xindi Aquatic hostiles. However, there are various other options that players can use if they are yet to procure Janeway and Tucker.

Keep in mind that for all the crew combinations, you have to assign Archer as the captain of the ship:

  • Tucker, Janeway, Ent-E Picard or Data
  • Tucker and PIC Beverley
  • Tucker and 5 of 11
  • Tucker and Khan
  • Tucker, Gorkon or Lorca

Enterprise NX-01’s abilities

The Enterprise NX-01 has powerful abilities that will make destroying the Xindi Aquatic hostiles easier. The abilities as well as a description of each are in the table below:

Type Name Description
Passive Learning the Hard Way This ability enhances base damage against Xindi Aquatic hostiles
Passive Polarized Hull It deflects 9 shots from each of the Xindi Aquatic’s weapons
Active Long Road Ahead It temporarily reveals the depths of deep space, which allows you to view those systems for a period of time. You can therefore inspect Deep Space without needing a ship to be physically present.
STFC: Xindi Aquatic Crew
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Is this crew effective against Xindi Aquatic hostiles?

Although the crew is perfect for the Enterprise NX-01, which was designed to destroy the Xindi Aquatic enemies, some Commanders believe that the crew is ineffective against the hostiles.

On the official STFC Discord server, Zabatiz, a moderator, mentioned that the crew for Xindi Aquatic hostiles is currently unknown.

Commanders are allegedly creating crew combinations that include loot officers to increase the amount of resources that they earn from vanquishing the hostile.

However, Jonathan Archer increases your rewards by 300% when you defeat a Xindi Aquatic hostile, proving that he is the perfect Captain.

Gamers should experiment with the crew combinations to see which crew defeats the Xindi Aquatic opponents the most easily.

Crew Abilities

If you are going to use Archer, Tucker and Janeway, consider their abilities before using them to vanquish Xindi Aquatics. The table below lists their abilities:

Officer Abilities
Trip Tucker
  • Things Blow Up: When you take damage from a hostile or another player, he decreases your opponent’s critical damage by 50% for 2 rounds.
  • Hand in the Cookie Jar: Increases the amount of resources you get from destroying Hirogen and Species 8472 hostiles by 30%
Jonathan Archer
  • Faith of the Heart: When you take damage from another player or hostile, it increases your Critical Hit damage by 5% for 2 rounds
  • Delphic Salvor: Increases the quantity of resources you get from destroying Xindi hostiles by 300%
Kathryn Janeway
  • Red Alert! Raise Shields: When you take hull damage from a hostile or Armada, she increases your Shield Mitigation by 6% for 1 round
  • Bend the Rules: At the start of combat, Janeway increases your Isolytic Cascade damage by 10% against non-player hostels and Armadas

Where to find the Xindi Aquatic hostiles

Players should note that they can only find the Xindi Aquatic hostiles in specific systems, which are determined by the enemies’ levels.

If you are interested in defeating a  Xindi Aquatic on a specific level, you should consider the following table:

Xindi-Aquatic Level Systems
  • Estellion
  • Demetrium
  • Juuska
  • Faden
  • Dahkso
  • Tamhluch
  • Paynax
  • Emissius
  • Anorlo
  • Taskeh
  • Meedra
  • Tebith
  • Mobhi
  • Glensha
  • Yoton

As seen in the table, there are various levels of the Xindi Aquatic that you can defeat. We recommend that you attempt to vanquish an enemy whose level corresponds to your level.

If you are STFC level 46, we you should try to destroy a level 46 Xindi Aquatic as well as all the hostiles whose levels are lower than your current level.

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