STFC: Who sponsored Chakotay?

During STFC’s Chakotay event, you have to select Captain Sulu, as she sponsored Chakotay’s application to Starfleet Academy.

Players can test their tactical abilities in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As you complete the Chakotay Trivia Event in STFC, you will receive the question, “Who sponsored Chakotay’s application to Starfleet Academy?.” Several players are struggling to answer the question.

STFC: Who sponsored Chakotay?

Players level 30 and higher can participate in the Chakotay Trivia Event, which started on Monday, 10 July 2023 and will conclude on Tuesday, 11 July 2023.

Even though the event is only active for 1 day, players simply have to answer a set of questions to receive rewards.

One of the questions that you have to answer is: Who sponsored Chakotay’s application to Starfleet Academy?” To answer this question, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Captain Picard: Use HF in Leza
  • Captain Janeway: Use HF in Eshu
  • Captain Sisko: Use HF in Kantonda
  • Captain Sulu: Use HF in Kibuka

The question have to do with the Star Trek lore, therefore, players need to have excellent knowledge about the events that occurred in the series.

According to Star Trek’s lore, Captain Demora Sulu sponsored Chakotay’s applications into the Academy, however, Chakotay had to lie to his father and state that Captain Sulu was a man in order to protect his feelings.

STFC: Chakotay
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How to answer the question

To answer the question, players must travel to Kibuko where they have to use a Hailing Frequency to progress in the event. The Hailing Frequency feature allows you to communicate with other gamers in the same server in real time.

Keep in mind that you can use any Hailing Frequency to answer the question, but you will not receive any buffs or bonuses by activating a Hailing Frequency.

Additional questions

Players will also receive the following questions:

Question number Question Answer
2 Before joining the crew of the Voyager, Chakotay was a captain aboard which Maquis raiding vessel? C
3 Among Chakotay’s original Maquis crew, who provided the biggest disappointment and betrayal

for Chakotay as they adapted to their new home on the Voyager?

4 In the episode, Phage, Chakotay was able to rework which part of the Voyager to help detect

hidden hostile ships?

5 Aside from his prowess as a pilot, Chakotay also had a reputation for being_? B
6 To whom was Chakotay speaking when he said, “Maybe you can just flip some Borg switch and

shut down your emotions but I can’t.”?



To answer the questions in the STFC‘s Chakotay Trivia, you have to travel to the systems listed below:

Question number System
2 Tapio
3 Boniv
4 Skelg
5 Iora
6 Beyven

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