STFC: When do faction dailies start?

You can start completing faction dailies in STFC once you have reached the Tolerated faction rank for which you have to farm reputation points.

In this exciting mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), players can build ships, mine resources, complete missions, and defeat enemies.

You can also increase your reputation with several factions in the game. Many players want to know when the faction’s daily missions start in STFC.

Faction reputation

You will encounter different factions as you progress in STFC. You can earn reputation points with the Augment, Klingon, Reputation, and Federation factions.

You can also earn reputation points by killing enemies of the other factions to gain reputation for your preferred faction.

You can also complete daily goals and missions to increase your reputation with a specific faction. Moreover, you can spend resources, defeat Armadas, and spend charged nanoprobes in the event store to accumulate reputation points.

If you defeat a Federation ship, for example, your Romulan reputation will increase substantially, while your Klingon reputation will only increase slightly. However, your reputation with the Federation will decrease.

STFC: When do faction dailies start?

Once you have enough reputation points, your rank with a faction will increase. However, if you defeat a Federation ship, you will lose reputation points with that faction, which means that your rank will decrease.

Your rank in a faction determines your accessibility in the faction. For instance, if your rank is high enough, you will get access to the faction store, which features Commendation tokens, ship blueprints, and officer shards.

Many players have wondered when they will be able to access to a faction’s daily quests. As the term suggests, faction daily quests can be completed every day to get unique rewards.

If you complete daily quests, you will earn faction reputation points, which increase your faction rank. This essentially means that as your rank advances in a faction, the more things you will unlock in a faction.

It is imperative to remember that you can access a faction’s initial daily missions once you have reached the Tolerated rank in a faction. You therefore need to accumulate 500 reputation points in a faction to reach the rank.

When you have reached 5000 reputation points with a faction, you will move to the Neighbour rank. This rank only gives you access to the initial daily goals, so if  you want to complete the highly favoured goals, you have to reach the Favoured rank in a faction.

This rank requires 100 000 reputation points, thus, you have to farm reputation points for quite some time before you can reach it.

At which rank can you complete certain daily quests?

Certain ranks in a faction give you access to specific types of daily missions. The table below outlines which quests you can unlock at each faction rank:

Reputation points Reputation rank Dailies
500 to 4999 Tolerated Initial Goals
5000 to 24 999 Neighbour Initial Goals
25 000 to 99 999 Friendly Initial Goals
100 000 to 199 999 Favoured Highly Favoured Goals
500 000 to 999 999 Consort Initial Consort Goals
1 000 000 to 1 999 999 Consort High Consort Goals
2 000 000 to 4 999 999 Associate Initial Associate Goals
5 000 000 to 9 999 999 Associate Faction Locked at 10 million

What is a faction Lock?

Once you have reached 10 000 000 reputation points with a faction, it will lock. This means that your reputation with that faction will never drop.

No matter how many ships you vanquish from that faction, the lowest your faction reputation can be is 10 million.

When you reach a faction lock, you can start increasing your reputation with another faction to gain access to its faction store and faction daily goals. However, you first have to reach the Tolerated rank before you can start completing their faction daily goals.

Missions you can expect to complete

The daily missions in a faction differ every day to ensure that STFC does not get monotonous. Therefore, you have to complete a unique mission daily to earn reputation points.

The daily missions may require that you defeat specific ships, mine certain resources, or spend resources in a faction event.

Generally, the daily missions are relatively easy to complete and therefore, it will only take a few minutes to complete them. It is advisable that you attempt to complete your daily missions, as they increase your rank with that faction.

The higher your rank is with a faction, the more benefits you will receive. Once you have reached a faction lock, you can start to increase your rank with another faction.

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