STFC: What ships to skip

There are more than 30 ships you can construct in STFC, however, not all of them are worth using resources to build and upgrade.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating video game that puts players’ strategic skills to the test.

As the game’s name implies, it is inspired by the classic Star Trek series, so you will encounter similar ships, characters and locations in the game as seen in the series.

There are several ships that you can unlock, construct and build in STFC, but some ships are not worth it.

How to build a ship in STFC

There are 4 types of ships in the game, namely Battleships, Explorers, Interceptors and Survey Ships.

Even though there are different types of ships, they are all  constructed the same way. Players can only build a ship if they have collected enough blueprints for it.

Blueprints can be purchased or procured by completing specific activities. Once you have enough blueprints for a ship, you have to open your Ship menu to access the ship construction page. In the menu, you will find all the available ships.

Once you have found the ship that you would like to build, you can either select the “Build” option or the “Instant” option.

If you select the build option, the ship’s construction will begin and it may take several hours to complete, while the instant option completes the ship’s construction immediately.

STFC: What ships to skip

As mentioned, there are more than 30 unique ships in STFC, though not all the ships are worth building. The ships you should skip are determined by whether you are a free-to-player gamer, or a pay-to-play gamer.

If you are a free-to-player gamer, use this guide to figure out which ships are not worth building. During the early stages of the game, you will receive a number of free ships.

For example, by progressing in the combat research tree, you can get the Turas, Talla, Kehra and Vahklas, among others.

The first ship you will receive is the Orion Corvette, which can be upgraded. However, since it is a 1-star ship, you will probably not use it in the endgame. You will also receive the Phindra, which eventually requires uncommon crystals to be upgraded.

As soon as the Phindra requires uncommon crystals, you can stop upgrading the ship as it is not worth using your uncommon crystals for. Instead you can focus on upgrading your Talla, as you are going to vanquish a lot of hostiles with it.

The Talla can be used until you reach level 20 in STFC. You should now focus on expanding your fleet by building 3 Envoy ships. You will also get access to the USS Franklin, Botany Bay and Kehra, but the latter should be skipped.

If you want to build the Vahklas, we recommend that you skip the USS Franklin. You can upgrade the Vahklas until it reaches tier-7.

Other ships that you can skip include the Kumari, Sarcophagus, Intrepid, Bu’Rel, D3 Class, Mayflower, Antares, Legionary, Gladius, Valkis and Centurion.

Should you skip Faction Miners?

Every Faction in STFC has corresponding miners, however, if you are a free-to-play gamer, it is advisable that you do not invest in miners.

It is better to invest your resources into 3 or 4 Horizons that can serve as your miners. This principle applies even when you are willing to make small in-game purchases.

However, if you are a pay-to-play gamer, you can use Faction miners to mine resources in deep space.

Must-have ships in STFC

Although there are several ships that you can skip, there are also numerous ships that are worth having. One of the ships you will receive during the early-game phase is the Realta. It is crucial that you never scrap this ship, even if it is not very powerful.

STFC: What are the best ships?
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We recommend that you construct the Fortunate, but it is not necessary to construct more than 1.

STFC players can also build the Jellyfish, however, it is noteworthy that it is impossible to get enough blueprints for this ship for free, so you have to purchase additional blueprints to construct this ship.

Moreover, you should construct several Envoys, as you can use them to obtain materials. You can construct the Kehra, Vahklas and Kumari to complete the mission, but you should not use uncommon crystals to upgrade it.

Additional ships that you can build are:

  • Franklin
  • Botany Bay
  • Crozier
  • Sanctus

Ship details according to level

On a Reddit forum, one STFC player shared a plan that other players can follow according to their operations level. The table below describes what you should do based on your level:

Level Actions
12-14 Purchase the Jellyfish or start upgrading your Talla.
16-17 Players should focus on maximizing 2 Envoys.
18 You should consider purchasing the Northstar, which you can use until you reach level 30. However, free-to-play players should focus on Kumari.
19 All the ships mentioned above should be at maximum level.
20-21 If you did not purchase the Jellyfish, you should increase the Kehra to tier-4.
22-23 Players who did not purchase the Northstar can upgrade their Vahklas to tier-4.
24 You should upgrade your Kumari to tier-6 and collect resources to build better ships.

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