STFC: What levels to camp

Camping in STFC refers to remaining at an OPS level for a long duration, however, it is difficult to know which levels you should camp at.

Players can encounter iconic Star Trek characters, storylines and ships in this explorative mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

You have to expand your fleet by building ships, mining resources, recruiting and training officers as well as completing several missions. However, some players have been curious about which levels they should camp at.

What is camping in STFC?

In an online gaming context, camping refers to the tactic of remaining in the same position for an extended period of time.

In first-person shooter games, gamers will “camp” at a specific location out of sight and wait for other players to go near their camping locations. The camper can then kill the other player and return to his or her camping location.

In STFC, though, camping refers to staying at the same operations level for a long duration. Most players camp at a specific level to get the most resources, ships and officers available at their level.

STFC: What levels to camp

Some STFC players decide to camp at specific levels to accumulate resources, officers and ships. However, some levels are not worth camping at, but can be difficult to know which operation levels you should camp at.

According to YouTuber, Rev Deuce, camping can be extremely beneficial, but some players argue that camping is a waste of time. He recommends that players start camping at level, 14 as you can then focus on maxing your ships.

You should focus on upgrading your Talla ship, even though the game requires gamers to upgrade 3 ships.

Instead of using all your resources to upgrade 3 different ships, it is more beneficial to use your resources to maximize the Talla. But if you want 2 attack ships, you can upgrade the Turas.

At level 14, you should also focus on increasing your reputation with factions. Deuce recommends that you focus on Klingon before paying attention to 2 additional factions. Furthermore, you should also maximize your away-missions’ features.

The next level you can camp at is 19 and it is regarded as a short, but important camp. If you are on level 19, try to maximize all the research options available to you.

You should also harvest grade 3 resources until you have approximately 1 million raw materials.

Moreover, you should obtain and upgrade the Franklin and Botany Bay at level 19. At level 25, you will be able to purchase tier-3 and tier-4 officers from your chosen factions and players should also now have 2 sets of groups which can be used for hostile grinding.

It is crucial that you acquire the Vi’Dar at this point in the game and it is  advisable that you upgrade it to level 35. You should stay at level 25 until you have unlocked your chosen factions’ ships.

This may take a while as you need to be a Consort to unlock the ships. At level 29, you should start working on the Stella and on your faction ships.

Stockpiling resources

It is vital that you harvest resources at every camp level. The stockpiling process can be explained as follows:

Level Description
14 We recommend that you start farming grade-3 resources. Several players believe that they will be attacked by stronger players while mining, but at level 14, you can only be attacked by level 12, 13, 15 and level 16 players.
19 You should harvest grade 3 resources until you have approximately 1 million raw materials.
25 At this point, you will have enough resources to upgrade your Vi’Dar. However, you should still focus on harvesting grade-3 resources.
29 Players should farm enough resources to fully upgrade their faction ship. You should also unlock and upgrade officers Pike, Monroe and Chin.

Camping from level 35 to 39

Until now, the main focus has been to stock as many resources as possible. At level 35, players can get their favorite 3-star ship in STFC.

Deuce recommends that you skip the level 32 combat ships and use your Faction Credits to construct the big ship, which unlocks at level 34.

However, if you already constructed the ship, you can use the Credits to unlock and upgrade your Officers. When you reach level 36, you will get access to Jellyfish blueprints. It is imperative that you obtain this ship as it is extremely powerful.

At level 39, you should participate in the in-game events, as they allow you to stockpile items for future use. You should also ensure that you have all your ships, officers and features at maximum level before you reach level 40.


From level 14, it is crucial that you maximize all the research options available to you. There are several trees in your research station, though some will only unlock when you reach a specific level.

Researching aspects in STFC will improve your efficiency significantly, therefore, you have to focus on researching at every camp level.

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