STFC: What do Commendations do?

Commendation tokens in STFC are used to complete certain quests in the game, or to promote a high-level officer in your collection.

Gamers can put their tactical skills to the test in this thrilling video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series and therefore, you will encounter similar characters, ships, and regions in the game to those seen in the series.

During your STFC adventure, you may come across Commendations, but not a lot of players know what they are used for.

Factions in STFC

There are several factions that you can encounter in STFC, namely Independent, Federation, Romulan, Klingon, and Augment. Although there are different factions, players have a reputation with each faction, except the  Independent faction.

You can increase your reputation by completing faction quests, vanquishing enemies, and spending resources in the various daily Faction Reputation Events.

It is recommended that you focus on increasing your reputation with 1 faction until it has reached a Faction Lock. When you have a Faction Lock with 1 faction, you can start focusing on increasing your reputation with another faction.

STFC: What do Commendations do?
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STFC: What do Commendations do?

Once you have obtained enough reputation points in a faction, your rank in the faction will increase. When your rank is high enough, you will get access to the Faction Store, which contains numerous items that can affect your gameplay.

Before you can purchase items from the Faction Store, you have to accumulate Faction Credits. One of the items that you can purchase from the Faction Store is Commendation tokens. However, many STFC players are unsure what these tokens are used for.

Several players thought that Commendation tokens were used to increase their rank with a specific faction, but this is not the case.

Allegedly, players only need Commendations tokens to complete certain missions for which the level requirements are level 30 and higher. It is advisable that you do not purchase them until you need them.

Moreover, very high-level officers require commendations to promote them further. Commendations are therefore a mid-game and endgame phase item. As such, you do not need to purchase them in the early-game phase.

Apart from specific missions and promoting officers, Commendation tokens have no other objective in STFC.

There are varying tiers of Commendation tokens that you can purchase when you need them. The higher the tier of the token is, the more Faction tokens it requires. The price of each Commendation token is as follows:

Commendation tier Price
2 250 Faction Credits
3 1000 Faction Credits
4 2000 Faction Credits
5 3500 Faction Credits
6 5000 Faction Credits

Promoting and upgrading your officers

You can level up and promote your officers to improve their statistics and strengthen your ship. You can view an officer’s details page by accessing the officer’s screen and clicking on an officer’s portrait. Players can increase an officer’s level by spending officer experience points.

However, to promote an officer, you have to select the “Promote” tab on an officer’s details page. You can promote an officer when you have enough shards of that officer. Additionally, you need enough resources to pay the promotion cost.

At one point, your officer is going to need Commendation tokens to be promoted, and only then should you purchase the tokens.

Faction Credits

The fastest way that you can get Faction Credits in STFC is to vanquish Faction Scouts. You can find these enemies in Faction systems who are level 31 or higher.

Bear in mind that Faction Scouts are not always available in specific factions as they only spawn occasionally.

However, it is recommended that you defeat as many Faction Scouts as possible to farm Faction Credits.

When you have accumulated enough Faction Credits, you can use them to purchase ship blueprints, officer shards, and Commendation tokens from the Faction Store.

Can you increase your faction reputation without a Commendation token?

Some players were uncertain about whether they can increase their faction reputation with a specific faction without a Commendation token.

Since the token only has 2 purposes, it does not affect your reputation with a specific faction. Therefore, you can increase your reputation with a faction without purchasing a Commendation token.

In order to increase your reputation with a faction, you have to kill foes from other factions, complete daily faction goals, defeat Armadas, and spend charged nanoprobes in the event store.

You should only purchase a Commendation token if you need it to complete a certain mission or to promote an officer.

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