STFC: Wave Defense

STFC’s update 61 introduced the Wave Defense activity and it allows Commanders level 30 and higher to defeat various enemies.

In Star Trek Fleet Command you can enter a galaxy on the edge of war as different factions fight for the control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

It is up to you to discover an ancient secret which could tip the scales of power forever.

Wave Defense

Update 61 was released on Tuesday, 5 December 2023, and it introduced new content that Commanders can enjoy.

One of the new modes that you can participate in if you meet the requirements is Wave Defense. To participate in Wave Defense, you need to be at least level 30 and you have to build the new building, The Facade.

STFC: Wave Defense
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This new mode expands the social aspect of being a Commander and challenges your ability to strategize and vanquish powerful opponents.

This new mode is part of the new Section 31 faction which requires your loyalty and assistance.

Commanders have to assign two of their strongest ships and team up with four other players to defend a Central Entity from waves of increasingly powerful hostiles.

This mode launches with 2 central locations that you have to defend, namely, an S31 Covert Base and a Borg Research Lab.

According to the update, the central locations will be distributed across 25 new systems.

Who will you have to fight in Wave Defense?

Players should remember that every wave in the Wave Defense activity will increase in difficulty. Every wave will be composed of a set of Klingon Interceptors, Federation Explorers and Romulan Battleships.

However, there is also a chance that you may need to defeat Swarm, Bog, Actican, Texas-class, Hirogen and Species 8472 hostiles.

You will need to coordinate with the other players to ensure that the team has ships to counter each of the incoming hostiles. It is noteworthy that you cannot repair ships while in the Wave Defense mode.

Section 31 Ciphers

In order to start a Wave Defense, you need to procure a new currency, Section 31 Ciphers. You can acquire this currency in the S31 Faction Store along with buffs, prime particles, Syndicate XP, Sigma resources and special Refits.

The Wave Defense activity will either begin when the timer depletes or whenever the team’s leader chooses to start.

The Facade

If you are an STFC player level 30 or higher you can construct The Facade in your starbase.

This building is an essential part of the Wave Defense activity as it provides additional Damage to Wave Defense hostiles. However, it also increases the Ship’s Hull Health and Officer Statistics.

In order to increase the buffs you get from the building, you can increase the building’s level. Materials to upgrade the facility, Section 31 Transmitters, can be acquired from the S31 Faction Store.

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