STFC: Wave Defense Start

To start STFC’s new mode, Wave Defense, players have to be level 30 and construct the new building, Facade.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can explore star systems, build vessels, mine materials, level up, complete space-based missions, join Alliances and battle other commanders.

Scopely recently released update 61, which introduced a lot of new content for you to enjoy.

Wave Defense Start

One of the new game modes is Wave Defense, though several players are unsure how to start it. In order to get access to the new activity, you have to construct The Facade building in your starbase.

STFC: Facade
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Keep in mind, however, that only commanders level 30 and higher can construct this building.

Once you have constructed the new building, you can team up with 4 other commanders and select the Wave Defense system that you want to complete the activity in.

Players have to remember that the ships that they want to use in this activity have to be docked in their station.

You are then able to travel to the system that the team selected in your first ship, and once you are in the system, you can summon your second ship.

The leader of the team can begin the activity when all team members are in the system. Once the mode has begun, the entire team’s Section 31 Ciphers will be removed from their inventory.

You cannot participate in the mode if you do not have any Section 31 Ciphers in your inventory.

Section 31 Ciphers

The Facade building also gives players access to the S31 Faction Store and it launches with 6 ranks and an exciting collection of rewards.

You can use your Section 31 Credits to purchase buffs for the Wave Defense challenges, special Refits, S31 Cipher Wave Defense entry token, prime particles, Sigma resources and Syndicate XP.

Commanders can acquire Section 31 Credits by defeating every wave in the Wave Defense mode. Although this task sounds easy, each wave will increase in difficulty.

Which hostiles can you encounter in Wave Defense?

After starting the Wave Defense game mode, you have to work with the other players in your team to prevent hostiles from reaching the Central Entity.

We recommend that the team coordinates to ensure that they have ships to counter each of the incoming hostile types. You can encounter the following hostiles:

Can you warp out of the system?

Once the STFC‘s Wave Defense mode has begun, all ships that are in the system at the time will not be able to warp out of the system.

This also means that no ship will be able to enter the system, so you cannot start a new WD if there is already an ongoing one in the system.

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