STFC: Wave Defense Crew

To be successful in STFC’s new Wave Defense activity you have to use specific officers and we recommend you use the general hostile grinding crews

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can encounter famous Star Trek characters and build iconic ships to explore the galaxy.

As the commander of a starbase, you have to fight locals, fight hostiles and negotiate peace in hundreds of unique space-based missions.

Wave Defense Crew

A recent STFC update introduced the Wave Defense game mode, and it invites Commanders level 30 and higher to team up with other players to battle enemies.

Although you can use any crew to make headway in this activity, it is not recommended, as some crew combinations will perform better than others.

We advise you to use a typical hostile crew for the Wave Defense game mode. This essentially means that there are numerous crew combinations that you can use to progress in the activity.

However, we recommend that you use Pike, Moreau and Chen, however, you can also use the 5 of 11, Kirk and Spock.

If you are yet to collect these officers, you can also use JL Picard, Beverly and Chen for the Wave Defense activity.

That being said, you can also use the Freebooters crew, specifically Operation Ephemeris, Operation Zenith and Operation Yoyodyne.

Wave Defense requirements

Even if you have collected the recommended crews, you cannot enjoy the new Wave Defense activity if you do not meet the requirements. This activity consists of 2 modes, namely Borg Research Lab and S31 Covert Base.

To enjoy the Borg Research Lab, you have to be at least level 30, however, you can only participate in this mode when you have reached level 50.

S31 Covert Base, on the other hand, has a minimum level requirement of 40, but you can enjoy this mode until level 60.

STFC: Wave Defense Crew
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Crew abilities

By now every STFC player knows that the Pike, Moreau, Chen crew and the 5 of 11, Kirk and Spock crew have amazing abilities.

However, the Operation Crew members were recently released which means that not everyone is familiar with their capabilities.

The the Operation Crew members’ favors are as follows:

Officer Favor
Yoyodyne Increases Impulse Speed while in Wave Defense
Zenith Increases Critical Hit Damage while in Wave Defense
Ephemeris Increases Critical Hit Chance while in Wave Defense

Starting a Wave Defense

When you have selected your ships and assigned your Officers, you can start the Wave Defense. You have to ensure that both ships that you want to use in the activity are docked.

You can then travel to the Wave Defense system with your first ship and summon your second ship once you are in the system.

The STFC team leader will be able to start the activity once everyone is in the system. You then have to use your vessels and your crew to progress through the levels of the activity.

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