STFC: Waste Management Mission

Players can only complete STFC’s Waste Management mission once they have completed the Unique Specimen quest.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned Star Trek franchise. Players can therefore encounter the same iconic characters, ships and locations in the game as those in the franchise.

Update 55 introduced several new missions for you to complete, one of which is the Waste Management Mission.

STFC: Waste Management Mission

On Tuesday, 6 June 2023, STFC released the patch notes for update 55, which introduced various new missions  and activities to STFC. One of these missions is Waste Management, which consists of several parts.

In order to unlock this mission, players have to complete the Unique Specimen quest. Thereafter, you can travel to the level 35 system, Think Tank, to accept Waste Management Part 1.

At the beginning of the quest, you must find a Vaadwaur ship and go to Razrom.

Then, you have to disable the Vaadwaur ship and kill a Vaadwaur battleship in Razrom with 153 150 strength. After defeating the vessel, players have to donate 1 million Tritanium to decontamination devices.

When you have donated the materials, follow the directions to the potential colony and go to the Think Tank. You then have to find the planet for the colony and go to Tolonus to complete the quest.

Unique Specimen

The Unique Specimen mission can be acquired by going to the level 32 system, Ba’Neth. It is worth noting that it requires a warp range of 25.

For this quest, you have to investigate specific coordinates, vanquish a Vaadwaur Battleship, create a diversion and travel to a safe location.

At the end of the quest, you can either decline Tarnos’s offer or share a copy of Maia. Players should note that their decision will determine the rewards that they receive.

Waste Management part 1 rewards

After finding the planet for the colony, players can go to Tolonus to complete the question. Upon completion, you will receive 4.17 million Parsteel, 20 000 ship experience as well as 500 Klingon Recruit Tokens.

Players will also get access to part 2 of the Waste Management mission once they have completed part 1.

Waste Management part 2

For Waste Management part 2, you have to kill a Malon Waste Freighter in Tolonus before finding the origin of the message in Ba’Neth. Players also have to vanquish 7 enemies that are level 30 or higher  and then find the Malon ship.

STFC players will receive rewards once they have defeated the Guard Ship in Ba’Neth. Moreover, you will gain access to Waste Management part 3 after completing part 2.

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