STFC: Warp range officers

Certain officers in STFC have the ability to increase a ship’s warp range, which means that the ship can travel farther into the galaxy.

Gamers can put their tactical abilities to the test in this adventurous mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As the game’s name implies, it is part of the classic Star Trek series, which means that you will probably experience the same characters, locations, and storylines in STFC as seen in the franchise.

You will initially only have access to a ship and a space station, however, as you progress in the game, you can unlock additional ships.

It is crucial to note that a ship cannot function without its officers and crew members. Each crew member in STFC serves a specific purpose, such as increasing warp range, or maximising the resources that you harvest.

How does warp range work?

In the Star Trek universe, warp means to travel faster than light. In STFC, warp allows you to travel between systems in the galaxy. The higher the level that the system is, the higher the warp range that you need to travel there.

Allegedly, warp range prevents players from exploring further than what their level allows them to. This means that you cannot be level 4 and want to explore a level 30 system, as your ship’s warp range is too low.

When you click on any system on the map, you can discover what warp range level it requires to travel to it. As you advance in the game, your ships’ warp range will likely increase, which means you can explore more systems.

STFC: Warp range officers

Every ship in STFC has a base warp range that can be increased by upgrading its components. Furthermore, you can also increase your ship’s warp range by allocating specific officers and crew members to that ship.

There are 3 characters that can increase a ship’s warp range, namely Cadet Scotty, Ghrush, and TOS Scotty.

Cadet Scotty is considered one of the most functional officers in the early stages of STFC. However, he is an officer that most players use for a very long time. In order to acquire Cadet Scotty, you have to pen as many standard recruiting packs as you can.

You need 135 Cadet Scotty shards, 1000 Federation Credits, and 155 500 experience points to fully upgrade him. His officer ability, Warp Theory, increases the Warp Distance of the ship by a specific quantity.

STFC: Warp range officers
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Officer Ghrush is a diligent and methodical operative. What he lacks in subtlety, he makes up for in reactionary tactical thinking. His officer ability, Fight or Flight, can increase a ship’s warp range by 6 percent.

To unlock Ghrush, players must participate in the Orion Syndicate activity to get Ghrush shards. Once you have enough shards, you can unlock the officer.

While TOS Scotty is a rare engineering officer in STFC, and he is extremely functional, his captain’s manoeuvre, A Garbage Scow, adds 4 percent warp range to Explorer ships. You can allegedly recruit TOS Scotty once you reach operation level 30.

Orion Syndicate

Players can form an affiliation with the Orion Syndicate to earn Syndicate experience points. Moreover, you can use the in-game benefits, such as the Orion Exclusive Officer, Ghrush, statistical bugs, and a daily rewards multiplier for Tritanium, Dilithium, and Parsteel.

It is noteworthy that you can only unlock this feature once you reach level 10. You can then access it by clicking on the Syndicate icon on the top left corner of the screen.

At each tier, you will get benefits, most of which include stat increases. These increases scale with your level, which means that the buffs will continue to increase as you reach higher levels.

Upgrading officers

When you upgrade an officer in STFC, their abilities increase. Players can level up and promote their roster of officers to increase their statistics and strengthen their ship.

You can do this by opening the Officers screen and clicking on an Officer’s portrait. When viewing an officer, you can increase their level using officer experience points.

However, you can promote an officer by selecting the promote tab on the officer details page. You can only promote an officer if you have enough of their shards and enough resources to pay the promotion cost.

How to assign an Officer

Players can sign officers to a ship by selecting the ship, and clicking on the manage panel. In the new menu, you will find the assigned officers option. Keep in mind that you must recall your ship home before you can assign officers to it.

The next screen indicates how many slots are available for officers. If you select an empty slot, you can choose any officer. Assign officers to the bridge of the ship to activate their abilities.

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