STFC: Voyager Refit

STFC’s new Voyager Refit enables players to claim Voyager Materials on a daily basis, however you need to purchase the pack to unlock it.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the well renowned series, Star Trek, which means that you can encounter similar ships, characters, storylines and locations in the game to those in the franchise.

A recent update revealed that players can unlock the Voyager Refit, which unlocks unique benefits.

STFC: Voyager Refit

Ship Refits can change a vessel’s appearance, how its weapons look, and can give it distinct abilities. Scopely, the game’s developer, occasionally introduces new Ship Refits for players to acquire.

A recent STFC update introduced the Voyager Refit. If you unlock this, you will gain access to a new daily claim which yields Voyager Materials.

If you unlock this refit, you will get the following materials:

Material Quantity Possibility
Deuterium Canister 500 Guaranteed
Exotic Biotoxins 4100 There is a chance that you could receive this material
Exotic Biotoxins 4700 Commanders could receive this material
Exotic Biotoxins 5700 There is a possibility that you will receive this item
Voyager Travel Token 1 There is a chance that players  could earn this item

The rewards allegedly do not change, which means that you are guaranteed to receive 500 Deuterium Canisters daily.

But there is a certain percentage chance that you will receive Exotic Biotoxins and a Voyager Travel Token.

STFC: Voyager Refit
© Scopely

How to unlock the Voyager Refit

Unfortunately, only players who are willing to spend real money in STFC will be able to unlock the Voyager Refit. This is because it can only be obtained if you purchase a package for approximately $99.99.

To purchase the pack, you have to open the “Offers” tab and select the Voyager Refit option. Commanders then have to follow the given instructions to complete the purchase.

Do you have to purchase the pack?

Players should note that it is not mandatory to purchase the pack, as it will not influence their progress in STFC.

You can acquire the materials by progressing in the game, but it will take much longer to farm the materials if you do not purchase the pack.

Whether you purchase the pack or not is entirely your choice, but you may gain a slight advantage over players who did not purchase the pack, as you will receive materials on a daily basis.

Does the pack increase the Voyager’s armor?

The Voyager refit is also referred to as the Armored Voyager Refit and therefore, several players assume that this refit increases the Voyager’s armor.

But this refit only enables you to unlock a new daily claim which yields Voyager materials, and does not increase the Voyager’s statistics.

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