STFC: Voyage to Velixys

To acquire the STFC quest, Voyage to Velixys, players have to complete the, Delta Quadrant Analysis research node, which can be found in the Starships Research Tree.

Star Trek Fleet Command follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek. You can therefore encounter iconic characters like Scotty, Uhura, Nero and Spock as you progress in the game.

Update 55 has introduced various new features to the game, including a new quest called Voyage to Velixys.

STFC: Voyage to Velixys

Update 55, which was released on Tuesday, 6 June 2023, introduced a range of new features, such as new abilities for the USS Voyager, new officers, new missions and a new damage type to STFC.

One of the new quests that players can complete is Voyage to Velixys. This mission becomes available in the Voyager Refinery once the Delta Quadrant Analysis research has been completed in the Starships Research Tree.

Players have to complete this research node in order to unlock the new Superhighways, which can be found on the galaxy map.

Superhighways are indicated on the galaxy map by a red path. Players can only get access to these new paths once they have completed the Delta Quadrant Analysis research node.

STFC: Voyage to Velixys
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Keep in mind that players have to repeat the process 4 times in order to gain full access to the new area in the galaxy.

How long does researching the Delta Quadrant Analysis take?

Players should note that researching the Delta Quadrant Analysis will take approximately 2 days for the first phase.

However, you can complete the research instantly by using your Latinum. To complete the first research instantly, you need to use 620 Latinum.

However, it is alleged that the research process will require more Latinum as you complete the research stages. Moreover, it is believed that the time required to complete the research will increase as well.

Why you cannot see the new Superhighways

Gamers can allegedly not see the new Superhighways until their level is in the 50s.

STFC player, Stuart727, revealed on the official Discord channel that he is at level 43, and he can see all the superhighways except the new paths. He believes that players will not be able to see the new paths until their levels are in the 50s.

How to perform the research

In order to research the Delta Quadrant Analysis, to unlock the Voyage to Velixys quest, players need the Voyager to refine for research credits.

Players can also use the Voyager refinery to refine Exotic Biotoxins and Anomaly Samples to upgrade their vessels.

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