STFC: Voyage missions

To unlock the Delta Quadrant’s Superhighways in STFC, players have to research the Delta Quadrant Analysis in the new USS Voyager research tree.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series. Players can therefore enjoy the same iconic characters, ships and locations in the game as those in the series.

Update 55 introduced various new features for you to enjoy, including several Voyage missions.

STFC: Voyage missions

On Tuesday, 6 June 2023, STFC released the patch notes for update 55, which introduced new enemies, quests and items to STFC.

Players can now complete the Voyage missions to unlock a new super highway, which is indicated by a red strip in the galaxy map.

To start the Voyage missions, players must research the Delta Quadrant Analysis node in the new USS Voyager research tree.

This node comprises 4 research phases, each of which unlocks a mission in the Voyager Refinery to unlock the Delta Quadrant Superhighways.

Players should remember that every research phase has specific requirements that you have to meet before you can research the node.

STFC: Voyage missions
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Some of the Voyage missions include:

Voyage mission Tasks
Voyage to Asil-A Players must travel to Asil-A to unlock a new warp path.
Voyage to Bartu’shakai Commanders have to travel to Bartu’shakai to open a new warp path.
Voyage to Velixys You have to travel to Velixys to unlock a new warp path.

Voyager research

The Delta Quadrant Analysis research node is in the new Voyager research tree. The nodes in the tree further enhance not only the vessel itself, but also provide fleetwide buffs.

Players can research the Below Deck Assembly node which unlocks Below Deck slots in officer presets to Dismantle Tinkering, which increases base scrapping speed for all ships.

Keep in mind that the research comes at a cost. In order to instantly research the Delta Quadrant Analysis, you need a specific amount of Latinum. Alternatively, you can wait a specific amount of time for the research to complete.

Why you cannot see the new Superhighways

Gamers can allegedly only see the new Delta Quadrant Superhighways until their level is in the 50s.

On the official Discord channel, one STFC player said that he is currently at level 43, and he can see all the Superhighways except the new paths.

Moreover, he thinks that players will not be able to see the new paths until their levels are in the 50s. We therefore recommend that you focus on increasing your level until you can see the new Superhighways.

Research Credits

In order to research Delta Quadrant Analysis, you must collect research credits. Players can acquire the research credits by refining materials in the Voyager refinery.

This means that you have to add the USS Voyager to your arsenal to research the Delta Quadrant Analysis.

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