STFC: Vi’dar Talios  

The Vi’dar Talios ship, introduced in STFC Update 51, specializes in defeating Borgs and The Expansion Cube.

Gamers can put their strategic skills to the test in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

It follows the Kelvin chronology of the Star Trek series and therefore you will likely encounter similar ships, characters and regions in the game as in the series.

Update 51 introduces several new features to STFC, including a new ship; Vi’dar Talios.

Ships in STFC

Ships serve as your primary way to explore the vast open world in STFC. Ships also help you to defeat enemies and harvest resources. That being said, different ships have different advantages and disadvantages.

Players can acquire Interceptors, Explorers, Battleships and Survey Ships. Interceptors, Explorers and Battleships have accompanying strengths and weaknesses. By selecting the correct ship before a battle, you may gain an advantage over your enemies.

Although Survey Ships can be used in battle, it is recommended that you rather use an Interceptor, Battleship or Explorer. This is because Survey Ships specialize in harvesting resources and not in defeating enemies.

STFC: Vi’dar Talios

Update 51, which was released on Tuesday, 7 February 2023, introduces several new features to STFC and it also fixes several known bugs. One of the features it added is a new Anti Borg ship, Vi’dar Talios.

STFC: Vi’dar Talios
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If your operations building is level 35 or higher, you will unlock a new mission to construct your Vi’dar Talios.

However, you need a tier 9 Vi’dar to complete the construction process. The mission, They Have Adapted, starts your journey to construct the new ship.

The first part of the mission is currently available, but the second part will only be unlocked later in February 2023.

The first part will reward you with half of the required blueprints to construct the ship. It is believed that the second part will be unlocked on the 8th day of the story arc.

This ship can be used in a lot of battle situations; however, it specializes in defeating the ever-increasing Borg threat. Similarly, to other ships in STFC, the Vi’dar Talios has a unique research system.

The following table lists its research aspects and a description of each:

Research aspect Research type Description
Reclaimator Regular It increases Borg Solo Armada Credits dropped from Borg Solo Armadas while using the Talios.
Warp Range Regular Increases the Vi’dar Talios’ warp range
Vinculum Scrapper Prime Increases the amount of Vinculum Fragments gained by the Vi’dar Talios when destroying Expansion Cubes.
Prime Inert Nanoprobes Prime Increased Inert Nanoprobes dropped from Borg Probes while using the Talios.

New Borg systems

Along with the Vi’dar Talios, Scopely introduced new Borg systems. These systems use the same currency as the other systems, however, they have level 36 to level 60 Borg enemies in them.

This means that the enemies are much stronger but they offer greater rewards. Players can acquire Nanoprobes by defeating these enemies.

The following table lists some of the new Borg systems you can discover:

System Probe Level
Solus Daevun 36
Kallidin 37
Ru Vazin 38
Ru Sema 40
Torvadyna 44
Moxidar 46
Canzz 48
Rhaela 50
Baley 52
Solus Ynestri 54
Jovia 58

How to upgrade your Vi’dar Talios

STFC players can upgrade their Vi’dar Talios to increase its abilities and statistics. You can upgrade your ship by using your Charged Nanoprobes. This item can be gained from the Borg Refinery, Expansion Cube Reward Bundle and the Offers tab.

It is essential to remember that the higher tier your ship is, the more Charged Nanoprobes it requires. This means that you are going to invest a lot of time farming the resource.

It is recommended that you focus on the new Borg systems, as they have a higher Charged Nanoprobes drop rate. However, these enemies are very powerful and therefore it can be difficult to defeat them.

Why should you use the Vi’dar Talios?

The Vi’dar Talios is an Anti Borg ship, which means it specializes in defeating Borgs. Therefore, you can use it to defeat The Expansion Cube, a group of Armadas located in Borg systems. Players need Expansion Cube Directives to challenge them.

The Directives can be obtained from defeating Borg Solo Armadas. Bear in mind that The Expansion Cube has a very strong weapon known as the Cube Gravimetric Torpedo, which makes the cube almost invincible.

Therefore, you need to use your Vi’dar Talios wisely to defeat them. To challenge a Cube, the Vidar Talios time-limited buff, Foreknowledge, is crucial. This buff automatically activates after a Borg Sphere is destroyed.

That being said, the buff is only active for an hour and cannot be stacked. If you defeat another Borg Sphere while the buff is active, the timer will reset.

When you defeat any Borg Sphere, the Talios will automatically receive the buff regardless of whether it was used in the battle or not.

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