STFC: Veteran Avatar

During STFC’s Summer Hunt event, players can equip the Veteran Avatar to score points, however, players have been experiencing a bug.

Commanders can put their strategic abilities to the test in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

In addition to completing space-based missions and exploring a vast open galaxy, you can also enjoy in-game events. During the Summer Hunt event, players can procure the Veteran Avatar.

STFC: Veteran Avatar

Summer Hunt is a limited-time event during which players can earn their place among the heroes of the Chase.

You can begin your journey of earning ranks through the Bounty Hunter’s guild. As you progress in the event, you will get a variety of avatars.

One of the avatars that players can acquire is the Veteran Avatar. Allegedly, players have to slay 500 hostiles to get to the first tier of the Bounty Hunter Avatar.

You then have to do the Bounty Hunter scoring to reach the second tier. When you reach the second tier, you will earn the Veteran Avatar.

According to one of the Discord moderators, HarmoniousQ, players should get the leaderboard that matches their rank every day.

If you reach the Veteran Rank, you will get the Veteran leaderboard. This means that if you got to the Veteran Rank on day 1, you should only see the Veteran SLB going forward.

STFC: Veteran Avatar
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Veteran Avatar Bug

Several players have expressed their concern on the official STFC Discord server about the Veteran Avatar bug.

Reportedly, the bug allowed players to score points on the SMS by slaying Solo Armadas without even having the Veteran Avatar unlocked. The bug therefore allowed some STFC players to skip the initial grind.

One of the key features of the Summer Hunt is that players should always have the highest-earned avatar equipped, but with this bug, some players were able to score in the SMS event without having the Veteran Avatar equipped.


During the Summer Hunt, players will get the opportunity to enjoy several sub-events.

The first week of the event invites gamers to enjoy The Great Chase, while the second week consists of The Killing Game, Rookie Bounty, Journeyman Bounty and Elite Bounty.

Keep in mind that every sub-event has unique objectives that you have to complete to earn rewards. That being said, each event requires that players complete a series of bounties.

Which hostiles should you slay with the Veteran Avatar?

The avatar that you equip determines the hostiles that you have to defeat. This means that you have to defeat Veterans when you equip the Veteran Avatar.

However, several STFC players mentioned that they cannot  to find Veterans and therefore, they have equipped their previous Avatars to continue scoring in the event.

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