The USS Titan-A is the first ship in STFC that provides 2 active abilities to all your ships and to some alliance members’ ships in the same system.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) gamers can enjoy iconic characters and ships from the classic series, Star Trek.

As the commander of a fleet, you have to expand your empire by building ships, recruiting officers, and harvesting resources. There are several ships that you can construct, one of which is the USS Titan A.

STFC: Update M53

On Tuesday, 4 April 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for STFC’s update – M53. The patch notes revealed that players can now enjoy Legacy Part 2, which follows a Picard-themed arc.

There are several new officers in the game as well, including Seven of Nine, PIC Riker, PIC Worf, and Dixon Hill. Furthermore, 10 new missions have been added to the game, and these missions will allegedly conclude the Legacy Arc.

Players have to join forces with Seven of Nine to learn more about her past and the pursuit of humanity.

You can also acquire a new Epic Refit for the Mantis and research new factors. Update M53 will launch 1 new Prime Node, which is only available for Commanders level 35 and higher.


The update also introduced a brand new ship, the USS Titan-A, which is a Neo-Constitution class utility ship that has 2 powerful active abilities: Fortification and Max Fortification.

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These abilities can target all your ships and up to 13 alliance members’ ships in the same system.

Players can fortify their ships to give them a base increase to Critical Damage, Damage, and additional valuable benefits that are acquired through research in the new Starships Tree.

The USS Titan-A is the first ship that provides 2 active abilities to enhance the performance of your and your alliance’s ships.

It will provide increased combat statistics for several activities, including hunting hostiles, player-versus-player, Territory Capture, and Armadas, among other things.

Moreover, the ship provides a way to counter the Mantis’ Venomous Puncture ability with both its active abilities.

Before you can benefit from the USS Titan-A’s abilities, you need to add it to your fleet. However, your shipyard needs to be at level 37, and you have to prove to the Ex-Borg that you are loyal to the cause to qualify to build the ship.

Once you have reached the Tolerated level in the Ex-Borg Faction, you can purchase a bundle that contains USS Titan-A blueprints.

After constructing the ship, you will gain access to the USS Titan-A daily goals, which provides you with additional ways to procure Rare and Uncommon Fleet Commander Skill Points upon completion.


As previously explained, the ship has 2 active abilities. However, it also has passive abilities, which are:

Ability Skill type Description
Under Titan’s Aegis Passive It increases the number of alliance ships affected by the active abilities, based on the Titan’s level.
Fortification Active It applies a fortified state to all your ships in the same system, and to some Alliance ships. While in a fortified state, the ship will gain a 25 percent increase in Critical Damage. The State activates some of the Titan research buffs based on what the receiving player has unlocked.
Max Fortification Active While in a max fortified state, the ship will gain 25 percent additional critical damage and a 250 percent increase in damage.

Upgrading your USS Titan-A

When you have built your USS Titan-A, you have to upgrade it regularly to increase its efficiency. You can upgrade the ship using USS Titan-A parts.

The parts can be obtained by completing the Fortification Daily Goal, and additional parts can be found in the “Offers” tab in STFC.


As you tier up the USS Titan-A, you will receive a reduced cooldown and increased duration for the active abilities. However, researching the USS Titan-A nodes will further enhance those abilities and add new effects to the shop.

Veridium Isotope, which is used to unlock the USS Titan-A’s research nodes, can be found as a reward for completing the active abilities’ daily goals. However, additional Veridium can be obtained from the “Offers” tab.

It is important to keep in mind that the unlocked research nodes only apply to your ships and not to alliance members’ ships.

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