STFC: Update 61

Scopely recently released update 61 for STFC and it introduced various new features, including a new faction, a new activity and a new mini-game

As a commander of a starbase in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can recruit iconic officers, construct legendary vessels and explore unexplored territory.

The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly releases updates to ensure that players have the best gaming experience.

Update 61

On Tuesday, 5 December 2023 Scopely released the patch notes for update 61, which revealed that the crew of the Enterprise is still reeling from the death of Lieutenant Commander Data.

This update continues the Make It So arc and introduces several new features that players can enjoy.

Commanders can now discover the Section 31 Faction Store and participate in the new Wave Defense activity. The update also introduced a new building called The Facade as well as a new battle simulator mini-game.

Similarly to previous updates, update 61 added new officers that you can recruit as well as new missions you can complete to receive rich rewards.

According to the patch notes, Section 1 is a brand-new faction that allows gamers to participate in the Wave Defense activity.

This activity requires that you defend critical locations for the Starfleet intelligence group.

Commanders will earn various rewards for cooperating with Section 31, including the new Armada Quick-Start functionality, exclusive refits and much more.

STFC: Update 61
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The Facade

Commanders level 30 and higher can construct The Facade building in their starbase. This new building gives you access to the new Wave Defense activity and the Section 31 faction store.

After constructing The Facade, you will receive the following buffs:

  • This building will provide additional resources to the new Armada Quick-Start Functionality, which is available in the Section 31 faction store.
  • The Facade increases base officer statistics up to 500 percent
  • It increases base Hull Health up to 2250 percent
  • The building increases base Weapon Damage against Wave Defense hostiles up to 2000 percent

Mini Game

Update 61 introduced STFC’s first ever mini-game, Battle Simulator which invites Commanders to engage with iconic starships in real-time battle simulations.

In order to access the mini-game, you have to select the Satellite hovering over your station in the station view screens.

You can then fight through 10 unique levels to earn rich rewards. If you progress through the levels, you can earn a full unlock of James T. Kirk and avatars, among other rewards.

New Officers

Once update 61 has been implemented into STFC, you can procure 3 new officers, namely Luther Sloan, Enterprise-E Riker as well as Enterprise-E Troi.

Luther Sloan will be available in December 2023 as a Fleet Commander and therefore he has 3 skill trees.

Riker and Troi are officers with unique abilities that can help you defeat enemies in the STFC galaxy.

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