STFC: Unknown Adversary

An Unknown Adversary was an exciting event which required that Commanders complete Delta Date events.

In this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command, you can build vessels, vanquish hostiles, explore space, complete missions and recruit officers.

In addition to the main arc, you can participate in numerous events like Unknown Adversary.

STFC: Unknown Adversary

STFC players can participate in limited-time in-game events to earn rich rewards. One of the events that you can enjoy is An Unknown Adversary. The event first took place in May 2023 and then again in July 2023.

During this event, players had to choose how to deal with the new visitors from the Delta Quadrant.

You were able to choose between Offensive and Diplomatic, and if you chose Offensive, you had to prepare your fleet for a battle with the forces of the new space region.

Commanders had to complete events tailored to your fleet, research and they had to enemies.

However, if you chose Diplomacy, you had to negotiate peace with the forces from the Delta Quadrant. Commanders who chose this path had to complete events tailored to their officers, stations, away-team missions and harvesting resources.

Whether gamers chose Offensive or Diplomacy, they were still rewarded for your efforts. The Unknown Adversary event comprised various sub-events.

Delta Adversary

The Unknown Adversary – Meta event which took place in May 2023 required Commanders to complete Delta Data events to earn points.

Delta Data consisted of various parts, but these events required that players solve the puzzle to complete the part.

Commanders were able to redeem the Voyager Arc in the “Gift” tab in STFC to gain the “Scanning” Hailing Frequency.

Since Unknown Adversary was a limited-time event, you only got a specific amount of time to complete the Delta Data puzzles to earn points.

Delta Data

The Delta Data sub-events required that players solve puzzles using hints. To complete the puzzle, you had to travel to a specific system in which you had to use Scanning Hailing Frequencies.

However, the system that you had to travel to depends on your level.

Commanders level 26 and below had to travel to systems with low warp ranges, while higher-level players had to travel to systems with higher warp ranges.

Although the Delta Data event has already concluded, you can use this information when the event becomes active again.

STFC: Unknown Adversary
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Will the Unknown Adversary event take place again?

Currently, it is unknown if the Unknown Adversary event will occur in the future again. However, there is a variety of other events that players can enjoy while waiting for Scopely to announce if the event will return to STFC.

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