STFC: Universal Translator Answers

The Universal Translator event in STFC invites gamers to translate and answer an array of messages for the Encrypted Transmission events.

Star Trek Fleet Command players can now participate in the Build The Universal Translator event, which reveals that there has been a lot of subspace chatter in a range of Klingon dialects, however, it is nearly impossible to identify any keywords.

Players therefore have to translate all of the messages in order to discover leads, which will help them identify all the tasks that they have to complete to earn points and rewards.

This event began on Monday, 11 March 2024 and will conclude on Saturday, 16 March 2024.

STFC: Universal Translator Answers
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During this time, Scopely will release an Encrypted Transmission event every day that invites players to translate a message to earn points.

At the time of writing, only 3 Encrypted Transmission events have been released, although STFC players believe that additional Encrypted Transmissions will be released before the main event concludes.

Each of the Encrypted Transmission events has a unique message that you have to decipher, which also means that you have to follow specific leads to complete the tasks and earn rewards.

Encrypted Transmission 1

The message that you have to translate reads, “nuqDaq ‘oH Archer qep Sarin”. Players have to click on the message several times to uncover the translation: Where Archer met Sarin.

If you continue clicking on the message, you will find that you have to investigate Rigel X, which, as the name suggests can be found in the Rigel system.

Players must examine the popup, and they will find that you have to gain power through research or ship experience points to earn points.

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Encrypted Transmission 2

The second message that you have to translate reads, “bISoLnISbe’taH Hot ghap SoH Lah moh yatlh.”

Similarly to the previous mission, you have to click on the message to uncover the clue along with a dictionary. Commanders will then discover that Trip Tucker became pregnant while spending time with a Xyrillian.

Players had to investigate Xyrillia in the Xyrillia system and examine the popup to identify the task that you have to complete. To earn points, players had to complete ATAs or spend trait experience points.

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Encrypted Transmission 3

The last Encrypted Transmission event’s message reads, “Itlh ‘ach yol. nuqDaq qut ‘oh, vulqan je Andorian yol’.

Players can reveal the clue by clicking on the message several times. It will then be disclosed that conflict is advanced, and that, ‘Where Crystal, Vulcan, Andorian conflict’.

STFC Commanders have to investigate Coridan Prime in the Coridan System and examine the popup. Players also have to destroy hostiles to earn points.

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