STFC: Tuvok Trivia Answers

Players Ops level 30 and higher can enjoy STFC’s Tuvok Trivia event, which requires that you complete a set of questions.

In this exciting mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can build vessels, farm resources, complete space-based missions and recruit officers.

In addition to the main arc, gamers can enjoy a variety of in-game events, such as the Tuvok Trivia event.

STFC: Tuvok Trivia Answers

STFC’s events allow players to experience the game in a new, exciting way for a limited period of time. The Tuvok Trivia event commenced on Wednesday, 5 July 2023 and will conclude on Thursday, 6 July 2023.

Although the event is only active for a few hours, players get enough time to complete its objectives.

To complete this event, you only have to answer a set of questions by performing a Hailing Frequency in specific systems, as shown below:

Question Answer System
In which season and episode of Star Trek: Voyager does Tuvok appear first? A Use Hailing Frequency in Cara Alpha
What is the name of the Vulcan member who trained Tuvok in the art of Kolinahr? D Use Hailing Frequency in Fostaa
In the episode, “Flashback”, Tuvok relives a memory from his time aboard which ship? B Use Hailing Frequency in Imgra
In the episode, Worst Case Scenario, Tuvok gets stuck in a deadly Holodeck program with which other crew member? B Use Hailing Frequency in Later
In the episode, Tuvix, Tuvok and which other crew member were merged into a single being in a transporter accident? C Use Hailing Frequency in Somaochu
To whom was Tuvok speaking when he said, “I do not experience feelings of nostalgia. But there are times when I think back to those days of meeting Krik, Spock and the others and I am pleased that I was part of it.” D Use Hailing Frequency in Tynkar

Players may notice that the systems they have to travel to are not low-level systems. This is because only players Ops level 30 to Ops level 60 can participate in this event.

STFC: Tuvok Trivia Answers
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Hailing Frequencies

In order to complete the Tuvok Trivia event, you must use the Hailing Frequencies feature in specific systems. With Hailing Frequencies, you can communicate with other players in real time.

This cosmetic system allows players to add some flair to their ships by reacting to other commanders within system view.

Hailing Frequencies is purely cosmetic and will not unlock buffs or bonuses when used. Players can collect Hailing Frequencies from the battle pass, via the in-game store or by participating in a variety of events.

Tuvok Trivia Bug

On the official Discord server, some players have mentioned that they are experiencing a bug with the Tuvok Trivia event.

Even if they have completed all 6 Trivia questions, the event indicated that they have only completed 5 out of 6 questions.

If you are experiencing this issue, do not fret. The event will consider your event completion after some time.

One STFC player revealed that it took approximately 10 minutes before the game indicated that he had completed all the questions.

Why is the event only available to players level 30 and higher?

When looking at the event answers, you will notice that all the systems have a high warp range requirement. Low-level players can therefore not access the systems, as their warp ranges are too low.

Furthermore, you may encounter a hostile while using a Hailing Frequency and if you are a low-level player, you may not be able to vanquish the enemy.

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